Texture grabbing with GE 7 and GE Pro

To get Texture Grabbing to work you must be using version 7.1. Google turned off the Com Server system in version 7.3 onwards stopping external programs from controlling it. It works fine with 7.1 and you have to use 7.1 as Google also added forced updates in versions after 7.1 so it would automatically update without asking you to the latest version. You can use this link https://dl.google.com/earth/client/GE7/release_7_1_8/googleearth-win-pro- to get version 7.1.8 which works fine. You will still need to do the RegServer trick after installing GE.

To re register the GE COM server open a cmd window (make sure you open it with Admin Rights) and go to the folder where the GoogleEarth.exe is. Then type ‘googleearth /RegServer’ then close the cmd window. The texture grabbing system should now be able to find GE correctly and grab your image.