Volume Select

Allows you to pick vertices and weights by using volume shapes such as spheres and boxes. You can control the position and size of the volume as well as falloff values.

Volume Select Param Description


Is the selection enabled.


The position in the modifier stack the selection is made, usually the modifiers are worked through in order but if you need to change the order of the modifiers you can alter the Order values for each. The modifiers are applied with the lower order numbers first. You can view the current order of the modifiers by clicking the ‘Modifier Order’ button on the Modify Object component.


The type of volume to use for the selection, the two options are Sphere or Box, depending on this value you will either see a Radius or Size value appear.


The size of the box volume.


Radius of the selection volume sphere.


The maximum weight of the this volumes selection.


How quickly the selction fallsoff outside the volume radius.


Position of the volume in the local space of the mesh.


You can link the position of a volume to another object in your scene by selecting it in this param.

Use Stack Verts

Apply against previously selected vertices in the modifier stack.

Show Weights

Show color representation of the selection weight.

Gizmo Col

Color of the gizmo.

Gizmo Size

Size of the weight markers.

Freeze Selection

You can lock the current selection by checking this values, this means the weights will not be recalculated so making it fast. If you do change any setting you will need to set this to false again for changes to be made.

Video Example

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