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Full Sail is a shader based system that will add great looking wind effects to your ship sails, castle banners or other cloth type objects. All the animation and deformation is done via a shader making it super fast in any project. Easily have 100’s of full animated sails in your scene.
Full Sail offers a wide variety of options to control the look of your sails. Sails can taper in or out, be sheared. The sides can be arched or even be told to arch only when the sail is full of wind. You have complete control over how the sail is fixed to any object and also how the sail moves when the wind blows. How much the sails ripple and the type of ripple is also controllable.

Please note Full Sail is sold under the same license as the Unity Asset Store EULA which you will be asked to agree to before purchase.

Full Sail - Single Seat
Price: $50

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