Vertex Anim

Vertex Anim is a MegaFiers version of the 3ds max master point controller allowing you to have a bezier animation controller on any vertices and play them back. You need the MegaFiers 3ds max exporter for this modifier to be useful.

Vertex Anim Param description

Import Vertex Anim File

Loads the animation data that has been exported from 3DS Max using our custom exporter.


The current time of the animation playback.

Loop Time

The length of the animation.


Check this option to have the animation played automatically at runtime.


The animation playback speed.

Loop Mode

The looping mode for the animation, Loop, Clamp or PingPong.

Blend Mode

How the animation is added to the object, it can either replace any deformation existing or add to it.


  • ExprS


    Can I make vertex animation on another 3d program, such as blender, maya or Cheetah, and export as a .fbx file to 3ds max and there use your exporter of veretx animation and then put on Unity?

    • spookycat


      This particular modifier is aimed at 3ds max but the point cache modifier is probably what you need, that uses industry standard .mdd .mc and .pc2 files to play back baked animations, check out the Point Cache page at

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