Star Shape

Use Star to create closed star-shaped splines with any number of points. Star splines use two radii to set the distance between the outer points and inner valleys.

Param Description


Radius of inner vertices.


Radius of outer vertices.


Number of points.

Fillet 1

Rounds the inner vertices.

Fillet 2

Rounds the outer vertices.


Rotates the outer points about the center of the star. This produces a sawtooth affect.


Changing any of the parameters above will reset the shape, so if you have created a shape and moved the handles or knots about or manually added or deleted knots those changes will be lost.

Star Class

public class MegaShapeStar : MegaShape
    public float    radius1;
    public float    radius2;
    public int      points;
    public float    distortion;
    public float    fillet1;
    public float    fillet2;

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