Professor MacSpeedee’s Test Chamber

Here is the webplayer demo of the Professor MacSpeedee’s MegaFier Test Chamber in which he conducts research into procedural animation and deforming poor defenceless meshes in unimaginable ways. The demo also shows a Camera Cut Scene system for controlling the demo mode and the Camera system for implementing various camera types with shake and cross fading etc, if there is any interest the camera system could become a new asset. All the switches, dials, sliders, and Nixie tubes are controlled via custom scripts so they can be wired to controls, values etc.

Click Image to launch Demo

F1 to F3 changes camera modes, with mouse and WASDEC keys changing the position and direction, mouse wheel will zoom, and cursor keys will change the camera targets. Space will toggle the Cut Scene demo mode and keys 1 to 4 will toggle various image effects.

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