Vertex Paint

This modifier allows you to ‘paint’ on a deformation to a mesh where the vertices will be displaced along their normals by a defined brush with size and falloff values.

Vertex Paint Param Description


Size of the brush to paint with.


Amount to move vertices by.

Use Decay

Set to use falloff params below.

Falloff Mode

Type of fall off:

    Gauss – Gaussian bell shaped curve fall off
    Linear – Simple straight falloff
    Point – Very sharp fall off


This value will effect the shape of the falloff curves, higher numbers have a slower fall off in general.

Use Avg Norm

If this is set then vertices will be displace in the direction of the average of all the normals of the faces effected by the brush.


If Use Avg normals is clear then the vertices will be moved in the direction of this normal value.

Paint Mode

How the brush stroke effects the vertex values.

    Add – Brush will add to the vertex values.
    Subtract – Brush will subtract from the vertex values.
    Set – Brush will over write vertex values.
    Multiple – Brush will scale the vertex values.

Vertex Paint Class

public class MegaPaint : MegaModifier
    public float            radius;
    public float            amount;
    public float            decay;
    public bool             usedecay;
    public MegaFallOff      fallOff;
    public float            gaussc;
    public bool             useAvgNorm;
    public Vector3          normal;
    public MegaPaintMode    mode;

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