Common Params

All the modifiers share some common params. Some of these params especially the Offset and Gizmo values can open the doors to some very clever and extreme effects and it worth your time learning what each can do even to simple modifiers. It is also here where you can disable each effect and show or hide and change the colors of the gizmo.

Modifier Param Description

Reset Buttons

The top row of buttons allow you to easily reset each part of the Gizmo values and the offset back to 0.


The effectively offsets the origin of the mesh for the effect, this can be very handy for modifiers that allow limited effects like Bend and Twist as you can set where on the mesh the effect happens and using the offset value move that region around.

Gizmo Pos

A local move of the modifier space. This is similar to Offset but instead moves the gizmo which most of the time can be the same as moving the offset but will have different effects on some modifiers.

Gizmo Rot

Local rotation of the modifier space. Will change the orientation of the gizmo so can be used to change the axis of effects or for things like path deform change rotate the mesh around the path, again it is suggested you take the time to play with these values to get the full power of the system.

Gizmo Scale

Local scale of the modifier space. Scales the gizmo which can be useful for reducing or increasing the effect of a modifier in different directions.

Mod Enabled

Turns the modifier on/off.

Display Gizmo

Shows the box gizmo for the modifier, usually you will have this on but if you have multiple modifiers on a mesh it can get confusing.


When more than modifier is in the stack the order they are processed in can be important, so a modifier with Order value of -1 will be processed before one of Order 0.

Giz Col 1 & 2

Allows you to change the colors and transparency used to draw the gizmo, useful to identify different effects etc.

Modifier Class

public class MegaModifier : MonoBehaviour
    public bool     ModEnabled;
    public bool     DisplayGizmo;
    public int      Order;
    public Vector3  Offset;
    public Vector3  gizmoPos;
    public Vector3  gizmoRot;
    public Vector3  gizmoScale;
    public Color    GizCol1;
    public Color    GizCol2;

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