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MegaDaz is an extension to the MegaFiers system (MegaFiers is required to be able to use this product) that allows for easy importing of Daz3D character morphs. You just need to load the original Daz base character file such as the Genesis dsf file, then after that all you need to do is select the folder with the morph files in and then pick and choose which morphs you want to use with your game character. You can easily update your selection or add new morphs as you purchase them from the Daz store. The system also works just as well with decimated Daz characters. Note the system currently only works with DSF files, we hope to add support for DUF files in the future.

Normal Daz characters can have tens of thousands of vertices which can make them not ideal for games especially mobile games but MegaDaz allows the morphs to work just the same with heavily vertex reduced meshes, so in Daz you can use the decimator to reduce the vertex count to a few thousand vertices and the system will be able to load the morphs to that character easily. And don’t forget once you have your character in and morphing in Unity you can use the MegaFiers Wrap system to apply any Daz3D clothing or any other object to your character.

Select Morph Object

How to use

To use the system all you need to do is import your fbx file which you created in Daz3D, once in Unity you add a Morph modifier to the character mesh which will receive the morph data later on. Then open the Component menu and Select the ‘MegaFiers Daz Connect’ option. A dock-able window will open. If you have not got an object selected that has a Morph modifier on it you will be asked to select one before continuing, once you have selected a suitable option the window will change to give you some more options.

Click the ‘Load Base’ and then select the dsf file for your base character, in most cases this will likely be the Genesis.dsf file. Load BaseOnce selected the system will take a few seconds to compute the mapping of Daz3D vertex data to Unity mesh data, this can take a few seconds depending on the complexity of your mesh. If your mesh vertex count has been reduced the system will endeavour to map the remaining vertices the best it can.

If after mapping the system reports that some vertices were not mapped it will give you a best guess value to which you can change the Tolerance slider to before trying to load the base file again. You also need to make sure the FBX Scale value matches the value you used to import the original FBX file into Unity, usually this value is 0.01.
Select Morphs
Once the mapping has been loaded some new options will appear in the window. If now need to point the system at the morph files for your character, you do this by clicking the ‘Select Morph Folder’ and selecting the folder that has all the dsf files you wish to use. The system will also check any sub-folders for suitable files and add what it finds to the Morphs List.

If the system finds any suitable morph files you will see a list of them in the window, they will be sorted based on the type of morph they are and you can then open each section and check the box for any morphs you would like added to your character. There is a check box at the bottom that allows you to replace any existing morphs on your character, un checking this will add the currently selected morphs to the morph. There are also a couple of buttons to allow you to quickly clear your selection or select all the files. Unless you have already organised your morph dsf files clicking All will add a lot of data to your character, as with most things you should only select the morphs you will actually use.

Once you have your selection click the ‘Add Selected Morphs’ button and the morphs will be added to the Morph Modifier on your character and you can use the sliders on the Morph modifier as normal to change the look of your character.


You must have a copy of MegaFiers before you can use this extension

Workflow Video

The video below shows the system in use and shows morphs being added to three versions of the Genesis base character, the first is the full high detail mesh, the second has had the vertex count reduced by 75% and the third has been reduced by 90%.
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Daz Clothing

This video shows the old way of getting Daz morphs into Unity which the system now replaces but at the end it shows the Wrap system in MegaFiers being used to add Daz clothing items to a morphing character.

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