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Full Rig is a shader based system that will add great looking animated ropes, chains and similar objects to your projects. All the animation and deformation is done via a shader making it super fast in any project. Easily have 100’s of fully animated ropes in your scene.
Full Rig makes use of catenary curves to model the natural looking sag you get in rope type objects. All of the maths to handle the deformation and shape of the rope is handled in the Vertex Shader so hardly any CPU time is needed to run the objects in the scene, this allows you to add as many ropes as you need without worries of frame rate.
You can use this asset to not only make ropes and chains but it is also great for setting up powerlines or Telegraph lines, or use it to add complete animated rigging to your ships. Change the length of the ropes and have that rope pull an object, a boom, or lift a sail, or bend a pole all without hardly any CPU usage.

Please note Full Rig is sold under the same license as the Unity Asset Store EULA which you will be asked to agree to before purchase.

Full Rig - Single Seat
Price: $50

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