Twist Warp

The Twist warp creates a region in world space where any mesh bound to the warp will twist as it gets closer. The distance the twist will start depends on the decay value on the Warp and the Warp Bind which allows different objects to react differently to the warp. The Twist warp can also be used to twist a group of objects.

Twist Param Description


Determines the amount of twist around the vertical axis.


Causes the twist rotation to bunch up at either end of the object. When the parameter is negative, the object twists closer to the gizmo center. When the value is positive, the object twists more away from the gizmo center. When the parameter is 0, the twisting is uniform.


Specify the axis along which the twist will occur. This is the local axis of the Twist gizmo.

Do Region

Limit effect to a region of the mesh.


Start of the region.


End of the region.

Twist Warp Class

public class MegaTwistWarp : MegaWarpModifier
    public float    angle;
    public bool     doRegion;
    public float    from;
    public float    to;
    public float    Bias;
    public MegaAxis axis;

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