MegaScatter Version History

Release History of MegaScatter

    Fixed an issue in Unity 2017.2 that stopped the spline knots from being moved.
    MegaScatter made fully Unity 2017.2 compatible.
    MegaScatter made fully Unity 2017.3 compatible.
    The Undo for MegaShapes now recognises adding and deleting of knots as well other the other options that change the spline such as Autocurve, scale etc.
    Fixed a bug where splines were being deleted if the ‘Add’ option was used when Loading a spl file.
    MegaScatter made fully Unity 2017 compatible.
    Updated MegaUtils.cs so if MegaScatter and MegaFiers used together there wont be missing methods.
    Added option to the texture scatter layers to use the alpha channel in the mask texture to control scatter density.
    Changes made for the latest Unity 5.6 obsolete methods for the final release of Unity 5.6
    Fixed a problem with the Position handles when editing splines.
    Splines now default to Free Handle mode for editing.
    MegaScatter is fully 5.6 compatible.
    Added new improved spline smoothing, you can now choose between old and new smoothing modes in the Shape Inspector. New method will produce a perfectly smooth spline through all the control points.
    Added option to auto smooth the spline when you drag a knot, this will recalc the knot control points if you have changed any.
    Rewritten the spline editing bit, making it easier to select and move spline knots and handles.
    Move gizmos are now only shown for the currently selected knot.
    To edit a spline knot you just need to click the green sphere for the point you want to edit, that will then select that point.
    Option to freeze y movement when editing spline points, useful if using the free move handle type.
    No need to click and drag mid point gizmos to add a new point you can now just click the circle to add a new knot.
    Move handles now point along the spline.
    Added extra circle gizmo at end of open spline for easier creation of splines by easily allowing addition of knot on the end.
    Add Undo system for spline editing, you can now undo any changes made to a splines knots by clicking the Undo Edit Spline button.
    Added option to set the max Undos that can be stored.
    Fixed bug that caused splines to get corrupted if you tried to use the Spline animation builder on a spline with an imported animation.
    Added the missing SetHandles method to the MegaShapes API.
    Fixed error when target platform is Windows App.
    MegaScatter now fully Unity 5.5 compatible.
    Added new option to ‘build on start’ for Scatter Mesh, Scatter Object, Scatter Mesh Texture and Scatter Object Texture so it can be spread over multiple frames, if the option is selected the scatter will be done by a CoRoutine and the amount scattered per frame is set by the ‘Num Per Frame’ option.
    Fixed error with Spline Fill mesh when being used as a collider with zero thickness.
    MegaShapes fully compatible with Unity 5.3 and 5.4
    Fixed a problem in Unity 5.x where zero length tris would cause an error and stop the collider being built.
    Fixed exception in inspector if you happen to create a spline with no knots in it.
    Added option to turn of the autosmooth when a new knot is added to the spline.
    Also added the AutoCurve option when the Add Knot button is clicked
    MegaScatter made fully compatible with Unity 5.3
    Changes made to remove obsolete methods for Unity 5.1 and 5.2
    Fixed MegaShapeLightMapWindow problem when doing an app build.
    You can now build lightmap data for MegaShape standard meshes.
    Changed OSM importer to use ulong for ids instead of int so can now handle complex OSM files.
    Fixed Shape labels being displayed if behind the camera.
    Added a beta OSM data importer. Click the Assets/Import OSM option.
    Added FindNearestPointXZ and FindNearestPointXZWorld methods to MegaShape API.
    Fixed bug in the Scatter Obj Texture layer which stopped Speedtree prefabs from being scattered.
    MegaScatter Fully Unity 5 compatible.
    Fixed exception if trying to build a mesh with a shape with no splines.
    Fixed exception if trying to interpolate along a shape with no splines.
    Fixed exception if trying to interpolate a spline with no knots.
    Autocurve fixed so the last knots handles on an open spline are correct.
    Fixed some potential errors in the constant speed interpolation.
    Smooth value is now a slider and shows results in realtime for easier use.
    The align object option is now copied when a layer is copied.
    Added new option to the Uniform scaling option, you can now choose how the uniform scaling is applied and to which axis so XYZ, XY, XZ, YZ with the other axis having its own scale.
    Fixed offsets in Scatter Object Along not being applied correctly along the length of the spline.
    Fixed offsets in Scatter Mesh Along not being applied correctly along the length of the spline.
    Further small changes to make compatible with Unity 5.0
    Made changes for latest Unity 5 beta to fix any import warnings.
    Fixed exception when adding a new curve to a shape.
    The Clone Spline layer now works with the spline twist values.
    Fixed exception when adding a new curve to a shape.
    Added option to Spline Tube Mesh to flip normals for inside tubes.
    Added option to Spline Box Mesh to flip normals for inside box tubes.
    Added option to Spline Ribbon Mesh to flip normals.
    Add beta option to Scatter Object Along layer to have objects align with the spline direction. Extra rotations will then be added to that.
    Add beta option to Scatter Mesh Along layer to have objects align with the spline direction. Extra rotations will then be added to that.
    Imported SXL splines will now no longer change values to centre the spline.
    Imported SVG splines will now no longer change values to centre the spline.
    Added Centre Shape button to Shapes Inspector to allow you move the pivot to the centre of all the points.
    Added new InterpCurve3D method which will return the position, twist and also rotation quaternion for a point on a spline.
    Autocurve now does the first and last handles on open splines.
    Added ‘Update on Drag’ option to MegaShape inspector, if checked spline meshes will update as you drag, off then they will update when dragging stops.
    Fixed inspector for spline animations so buttons aren’t hidden.
    Added SVG option to export MegaShape splines to SVG files.
    Added option to the scatter surfaces to enable the collider before the scatter.
    Added option to the scatter surfaces for all layers to disable the collider after the scatter.
    Increased the raycast range from 1000 to 10000 so making it possible to scatter over a larger vertical range.
    MegaScatter now imports into Unty 5.x with no autochanges required.
    Updated the MegaShapes version to the latest, which will stop any errors if used alongside the full version of MegaShapes
    Added KML import option to MegaShapes.
    Option added to recalc static batching after a scatter, which means in projects that use the scatter at runtime option batching will now work better and reduce draw calls even further.
    Added option to be able to copy and paste layer data for quicker setup. Click the Copy button to save the layer, then a Paste button will be available.
    Fixed warnings about Obsolete methods in Unity 4.5 and 4.6
    Resubmission due to last update changes not being applied to package.
    Fixed bug when object being scattered did not have a renderer, so things like LOD groups work correctly now.
    Fixed bug where the remove objects wouldn’t work with some object hierarchies
    Removed unneeded code from Update methods which brings a small performance increase
    Fixed exception in texture scatter modes when using a texture collider and texture slot is empty.
    If using a scale texture in texture scatter it now will use the uv coords from the texture collider correctly.
    Added color variation texture option to texture scatters.
    Fixed a bug where constant speed interpolation was not being used for open splines.
    Added the ability to create animated splines inside Unity, you can now add keyframes for splines and have them played back for you.
    Fixed a bug where objects with disabled colliders would be disbaled after a scatter
    Added option to include children of Ignore objects in the ingnore list
    Improved the inspector for Ignore objects
    Warnings about GetChildCount fixed.
    Slight change for Unity 4.x for enabling objects after scatter.
    New feature, support for proxy collision meshes in Mesh Scatters so can have much simpler mesh colliders
    Added FailCount values to inspector so you have control over how long scatter will try to find places before it quits
    Fixed bug with colliders for scatter meshes being used by lower layers
    Option to have no colliders added to scatter mesh objects
    Option to disable colliders during scatter for Object scatters, stops things piling up
    Added missing color variations option to Scatter Object Texture
    Improved the surface offset method so works correctly in all cases
    Added option to generate mesh colliders
    Added option to generate mesh tangents
    Fixed bug that could caused aligned surface objects to be incorrectly aligned
    Added support for generating lighmapping uvs for mesh based scatters.
    Fixed example scene scatter along object not having correct values.

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