MegaFlow Effect

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MegaFlow Effect

As well as controlling particle systems MegaFlow can be used to control the movement of any game objects as well. The flow will be used to move the objects with a custom physics system and you can control the amount of influence the flow has on the object.

To use this all you need to do is add the component to any gameobject you want to control, then select the flow source to use and set the physics values, then when your scene is run if the object moves into an area of the MegaFlow source then forces from that flow source will be applied to the object, you can adjust how much influence the flow has by changing the scale and area values. There is no mass value in this component since the mass of the rigid body will be used. This component does not actually directly move the rigid bodies but just applies a force based on the flow field, so the object can still be controlled by other controllers and collide with other objects etc.

This is simple script which we paln to extend and add to ass we get feedback from users, so if you have any suggestions or features you would like added please do let us know.

MegaFlow Effect

MegaFlow Effect Params

This describes the various params used by this component.


The flow source to use to control this object.


If the flow source has multiple frames you can select the frame to use by changing this value.


Adjust the force the flow field applies to the object, you can change this to speed up or slow down objects or make them move backwards.


Reynolds number for the flow.


The density of the flow source.


The surface area for the object, controls how influenced the object is by the flow around it.


The time step to use by the physics system to control the object.

Video Showing MegaFlow Effect