The Globe modifier can be used to deform objects so they will sit nicely on the surface of a sphere or cylinder. You can define the radius of the object and the axis of deformation. Once your object is deformed you can simply disable the system and be left with your deformed object.

Globe Param Description


The radius of the sphere the object is going to sit on.

Link Radii

If the object is going on a sphere then you can link the two radius values together, if the object has different radius in the two axis then uncheck this and set the second radius value below.


The radius value for the minor axis of the deformation.


You can rotate the effect so if your objects are built using a different up axis for example you can rotate the deformation to match.


Choose the major axis of deformation.

Two Axis

If you only need one axis of deformation for example you want to fit the object on a cylinder instead of a sphere then you can uncheck this option, otherwise check this to deform on the major and minor axis.


The rotation value for the minor axis of deformation.


The minor axis of the deformation.

Globe Example Video