MegaBook Version History

Release History for MegaBook

    MegaBook made fully compatible with Unity 2018
    Fixed a bug which meant the page Up and Down buttons in the inspector did not move the pages correctly.
    Added option to set the Light probe use by page meshes
    Added option to set Reflection probe use by page meshes
    Added option to set Motion vector use by page meshes.
    MegaBook made fully Unity 2017 Compatible
    MegaBook made fully Unity 5.6 compatible.
    Small optimisation to the page deform code, 2% to 3% reduction in CPU time.
    Updated to allow multi threading of the page deforms for multi core devices.
    MegaBook made fully Unity 5.5 compatible.
    Update for the latest depreciated methods etc in Unity.
    Added option to Book Builder to stop the book being rebuilt when Play is pressed or your game runs, this will stop dynamic Mesh content such as Text Mesh Pro content not appearing in your book when playing.
    The mesh system now makes use of uv2 data channels, your mesh content may use the extra uv channel or you maybe using a system like TextMeshPro which now uses data in that channel.
    New option in the inspector to turn off UV2 data use if it is not required.
    Added a bookBuiltEvent which is a 1 argument callback which is invoked when a book has finished building, the argument is the MegaBookBuilder that was built.
    Added a pageTurnEvent which is a 2 argument callback which is invoked when the book is turning to a new position, the arguments are the MegaBookBuilder that is turning and the float delta off how far away the book is away from its target.
    Fixed an exception that could happen if your book has less physical pages than the number of content pages defined and the edit page value is linked to the page value.
    Fixed error for depreciated castShadows method.
    Added option to define whether pages cast shadows.
    Added option to define whether pages receive shadows.
    Added option to define whether pages use light probes.
    MegaBook fully compatible with Unity 5.4
    MegaBook made fully compatible with Unity 5.3
    Fixed bug with Edit Page value using wrong limits, if you had a book with more pages than dfined content it could give an exception.
    Changes made to remove obsolete methods for the upcoming Unity 5.2 release.
    Adjusted animation system to stop pages going through one another if the spine angle option is turned off.
    Changes to the Spine angle system, when not using Change Spine Angle, angle is forced to 0.
    When Change Spine Angle is off back cover will no longer close and move through pages.
    Added option to use the Alpha channel of a page texture as a mask.
    Created page objects now use the same layer as the orginal book object.
    Made changes to make MegaBook fully compatible with Unity 5.
    A Fwd value of 0,0,0 for attached objects will not produce log warnings now.
    Fixed bug with Edit Page slider values being wrong if page count reduced.
    Fixed issue with newer versions of Unity and the Undo system which would cause the editor to hang.
    Fixed issue that moving objects with the new handles wasnt updating the object position in Unity 4.x onwards.
    Fixed exception that could happen when adding a new attached object to a page.
    Fixed warnings in Unity4.x
    Added limits check to dragging attached objects to avoid object doing odd things when not actually positioned on a page
    Note: Can not change offset for attached objects with position handle only with offset value in inspector
    New move handle for attached objects disabled when its page is not being edited.
    Added a move handle for the attached objects to make it easier to position them.
    Added option to link the Edit Page value to the page value so will automatically set the edit page to be the one you are looking at.
    Fixed an exception bug in the Dynamic Mesh system if you only had an odd number of pages and fill pages was off
    Added context help to the MBComplexPage inspector, right click and select help.
    Fixed exception when no pages were present on a book.
    Updated docs on website the new params for the book builder.
    Added a page to the website on the Dynamic Mesh Content system.
    Fixed exception if page added before base materials have been set.
    Hidden the Edit Page slider if only one page added.
    Small update to MBComplexPage
    Added custom inspector for MBComplexPage to make it more user friendly
    Fixed class name for MBComplexPage.cs system.
    Fixed bug with page hole meshes having wrong back uvs
    Fixed error about threading method missing when building for platforms that do not support threading.
    Added example script for adding any mesh items as content for pages, MBComplexPage.cs
    Added support for vertex color to book builder which will allow multi colored text to be used etc
    Added support for getting vertex colors in the dynamic mesh system.
    Added example script for using Text Mesh Pro for adding text to pages.
    Improvements to the Dynamic mesh system.
    Example dynamic mesh script for using Typogenic to add text to book pages
    Removed a debug line.
    Added beta of system to allow any mesh data to be added to each page as it is built, for example adding text to the page.
    MegaBookDynamicMesh component added, use this class to provide the mesh data the book builder asks for.
    Added simple example of dynam mesh to the demo scene book. Docs and video coming.
    Removed Debug script from object in test scene.
    Added beta of hard front and back cover system for your books.
    Fixed the warnings about obsolete methods in Unity 4.5 and 4.6
    Added option to send a message to each visible attached page objects saying how visible they are so the user can trigger start and end events for objects.
    Added example MegaBookVisible script to show the use of the BookVisibility(float visi) function.
    Added a beta option to add support for colliders for pages. Option in Mesh Param called Page Colliders.
    Undo code correctly placed in Editor folder.
    Removed warning in Unity 4.3 about mainCamera being obsolete
    Fixed inspector bug in 4.3 where inspector was very wide.
    Fixed an issue in the object attachment that means they are better stuck to the page as it turns now.
    Fixed issue in inspector where changing one attached objects values was effecting another.
    Attached objects work correctly if book orientation changed, ie vertical books.
    Added per attached object visibility override values for more control over the objects.
    Added new methods to the API, GetPageCount, GetCurrentPage, GetCurrentTurn
    Fixed exception error when adding new attached objects.
    Fixed object visibility setting not being updated.
    Greatly sped up the inspector when changing params for attached objects.
    Added helper spine object
    Added simple script example for clicking to change pages MegaBookMouseControl.cs
    Initial Release