NGon Shape

Use NGon to create closed flat-sided or circular splines with any number of sides or vertices and the ability to round the corners.

NGon Parameters


Radius of shape.


Specifies the degree of rounding to apply to the corners of the NGon. A setting of 0 specifies a standard unrounded corner.


Number of sides to the shape.


When on, specifies a circular NGon.


If off the radius is from the center to the corners of the NGon if on radius is from the center to the sides.


Axis the NGon is formed around.


Changing any of the parameters above will reset the shape, so if you have created a shape and moved the handles or knots about or manually added or deleted knots those changes will be lost.

NGon Class

public class MegaShapeNGon : MegaShape
    public float    radius;
    public float    fillet;
    public int      sides;
    public bool     circular;
    public bool     scribe;

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