The Bend modifier lets you bend the current selection about a single axis, producing a uniform bend in an object’s geometry. You can control the angle and direction of the bend on any of three axes. You can also limit the bend to a section of the geometry.

The power of the bend modifier really comes from playing with the limits and the gizmo position and offset values. For example a question was posted whether it was possible to roll up a carpet mesh using MegaFiers and the answer was yes by using bend and the offset values not only could a mesh be rolled up like a carpet it could be made to roll up on top of itself and even roll up in an untidy way. Also a very nice page turn can be done with a little scripting and a couple of bends moving over a mesh to do a dynamic page turn. It is strongly advised that you take the time to play with all the values on the bend modifier to get a feel for what can be done with a single mod.


For more complex bends you can always apply multiple bend modifiers to a mesh. There is also a World Space warp version of this modifier as well so you can have a region of you game where objects bend as they move towards the warp.

Bend Param Description


Sets the angle to bend from the vertical plane in degrees.


Sets the direction of the bend relative to the horizontal plane in degrees.


Specifies the axis to be bent. X Y or Z


Limits the effect to a region of the mesh. The area of the effect will be shown by red and green boxes. This is useful for say just bending the top of a tree or lamp post.


Lower boundary of the effect.


Upper boundary of the effect.

Bend Class

public class MegaBend : MegaModifier
    public float    angle;
    public float    dir;
    public MegaAxis axis;
    public bool     doRegion;
    public float    from;
    public float    to;

Video Showing Bend being Used

Bend Tutorial

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