Bend Warp

The Bend warp creates a region in world space where any mesh bound to the warp will bend as it gets closer. The distance the bend will start depends on the decay value on the Warp and the Warp Bind which allows different objects to react differently to the warp. The Bend warp can also be used to bend a group of objects.

Bend Warp Param Description


Sets the angle to bend from the vertical plane in degrees.


Sets the direction of the bend relative to the horizontal plane in degrees.


Specifies the axis to be bent. X Y or Z


Limits the effect to a region of the mesh. The area of the effect will be shown by red and green boxes. This is useful for say just bending the top of a tree or lamp post.


Lower boundary of the effect.


Upper boundary of the effect.

Bend Warp Class

public class MegaBendWarp : MegaWarp
    public float    angle;
    public float    dir;
    public MegaAxis axis;
    public bool     doRegion;
    public float    from;
    public float    to;

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