FFD Animate

Due to a restriction in Unity that does not allow the animation system to work on arrays of values if you wish to animate the FFD lattice with Unity’s animation system you will need to add the Mega FFD Animate component to the object with the FFD deformation. With the component added the FFD handles are able to be dragged around while in record mode and the animation saved as normal. You only have to make sure the ‘Record’ box is checked when you are about to record an animation and that you un-check it when the animation is done.

To animate an FFD modifier you first add the FFD to the object you wish to animate, then add the FFD Animate component. Open up the Unity Animation window and create a new clip in the normal way. Then check the ‘Record’ box on the FFD Animate component and click the red record button in the animation window, now either type in your values to the value boxes in the FFD Animate inspector or drag the handles around, update the time and keep animating until you have the desired animation. When you are done stop the recording process and uncheck the Record button. You will now have an animated FFD modifier. You may notice that the animation window is quite slow to respond, this is a problem in the Unity animation window, I have submitted a bug report on that to Unity.

You can also use script to animate the FFD handles and if you look at the FFD page you will see the methods to do that.

FFD Animate Param Description


Turns the animation playback on or off.


This needs to be checked when you are recording an animation and unchecked when you are playing back.

p0 – pn

The values for the handle positions, if you are animating a FFD2x2x2 modifier then there will be 8 values here, for a 3x3x3 there will 27 and for a 4x4x4 64 values.

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