MegaShapes Features videos

This page contains some video guides to some of the features of the MegaShapes system.

Guide to the Simple Loft

This is the first video to show the features of the upcoming MegaShapes system for Unity 3D. This system allows you to use shapes/splines to build meshes inside Unity. The system includes methods to turn splines to meshes and an advanced lofting system that is layer based to allow you to build complex meshes quickly and procedurally. Everything can be updated in realtime, and can be animated. If you alter a spline that is being used by a loft the loft will automatically update if required.

The loft system uses an advanced layer approach allowing you to mix different types of lofts into a single mesh. Upcoming videos will show the different types of loft layers, this video shows the simplest layer in the system which is a simple extrude of one spline along another line but even this layer can produce some very nice meshes or game levels.

Guide to Simple Clone Layer

This is the second video on MegaShapes and shows the lofters Simple Clone Layer. This allows a mesh to be built from a start, middle and end mesh and be applied to a loft surface. This is useful for railings, or fence type objects.

Guide to Scatter Layer

This video shows the Simple Loft Scatter layer which allows meshes to be scattered over a lofted surface.

Guide to the Complex Loft Layer

This is the forth video on MegaShapes and shows the lofters Complex Loft Layer. This layer allows multiple cross section splines to be used along a path to build a surface.

Guide to the Rule Based Complex Clone

This is the fifth video on MegaShapes and shows the lofters Rule based complex clone Layer. This layer allows you to combine any number of objects together using simple rules such as start and end, filler, placed and regular rules. So with this layer you could easily build a wall with trees and gates mixed in and the odd house etc,

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