UV Tile

First test of a spritemanager style uv modifier, this can be used to alter the section of a texture displayed or to play animations. It is a wip so it may give odd results, for example the texture needs to be a power of 2.

UV Tiles Param Description


Frame or tile to display from sprite sheet.

Tile Width

Width of the tiles on the sheet.

Tile Height

Height of the tiles on the sheet.


Adjust uv positions.


Zoom uv coordinates.


Play back the sprite sheet.


Limit animation to first n tiles.


Desired playback speed.

Flip X

Flip uvs in the x direction.

Flip Y

Flip uvs in the y direction.

UVTiles Class

public class MegaUVTiles : MegaModifier
    public int      Frame;
    public int      TileWidth;
    public int      TileHeight;
    public Vector2  off;
    public Vector2  scale;
    public bool     Animate;
    public int      EndFrame;
    public float    fps;
    public bool     flipy;
    public bool     flipx;

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