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We are constantly working on new extensions, art assets and games for Unity, some of the upcoming new editor extensions can be found below.

MegaShapes Pro

An extension to the MegaShapes system that adds advanced lofting and surface creation support as well as other systems for using meshes with splines such as rail clone and scattering objects along splines. MegaShapes uses and advanced layering system allowing you to add different types of lofts to an object as well as mapping objects and meshes to created loft surfaces. All the meshes produced can be adjusted for complexity in real time and changes to the underlying splines are also reflected in real time either in the editor or at run time. The all new MegaShapes systems is now available in the Asset Store.


This system brings the ability to create basic primitives such as Spheres, cubes, pyramids as well as more advanced items such as springs, hoses and ropes all with the ability to define vertex counts as well as uv mapping. Also allows for creation of meshes along splines and for positioning items along curves, great for doing crash barriers etc. There is also a hose system where two objects can be connected by a rubber type hose. The spring system allows for springs with any number of turns, sides etc to be created and rope and chain system is also included and a mesh slicing system with capping and a boolean mesh system. And finally a decal and object scatter system where areas can be defined and objects select to be scattered in that area with the resulting mesh optimized for draw calls etc.


Max style controllers for easier animation control, so you can take advantage of the advanced animation systems in Max and get them into Unity without the expense of baking every frame etc. Plus have full dynamic control over the animation so for example path constraints with multiple paths you can move between at any time or lookat controllers again with multiple targets you can add and remove at any time with weighting.


Correct exporting of items from Max such as cameras, materials, physics objects, object with no extra rotation applied etc. So you can set up such things as camera paths and import them directly, or build complex physics setups in Max using the advanced authoring tools for Havok or Ageia and then import them to Unity with one click.


Allows you to create font maps defining params such as size, drop shadows, outlines, gradient or texture fills, opacity and then be able to generate text meshes with defined clipping areas, scroll values justifications and even scrolling text along splines.


High fidelity Car dynamics, including an advance tire model developed for an F1 team as well as tire deformation, suspension animation and other systems. Also included will be procedural tire systems, custom motion blur systems and suspension animation controls, as well as a complete car wiring system for simple configuration of car components such as dials with a needle physics system, odometers, lights, switches etc even down to a complete Motec dash emulator so complete it can even load your real Motec configuration files. The cars are also rigged in Max and exported so no fiddly messing about in Unity setting things up.


  • dong_fc


    Hi,I need the megamesh function,how long this feature english is very poor,sorry

  • spookycat


    Hi There I hope to be working on all the new systems during January, if it looks like it is taking a long time I could well do an early adopter approach where first release is cut down systems but get extended like MegaFiers did if there is a demand for it. Chris

    • dong_fc


      Good idea, maybe today, I hope. Only need boolean system.Calculate the coordinates of mesh almost drive me mad.And how to pay?I am in China.

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