MegaFlow Sample

MegaFlow Sample is a simple component you can attach to any object and when a you have selected a source the component will every frame get the velocity for the objects position in the flow field. This is useful for perhaps a flight simulator where you could have multiple sample objects located on the wings so get the velocity of the airflow at that point and then use that in the flight dynamics, or for a racing game sampling the flow for a car ahead you could use the value to enable drafting.

The use the system just go to the GameObject, Create Other menu and then select MegaFlow and then Sample. This will create an empty game object in the scene with the Sample component attached, you can then make that object a child of your object in the scene, you can also just add the MegaFlow Sample component to an already existing object. You just need to then select the flow source to use and the frame of data. After that you can just read the Vector3 velocity value from the component to get the current velocity at the objects space.

Sample Params


Param descriptions for the MegaFlow Sample component.


Pick the MegaFlow source that will used for sampling from.


If the selected source has more than one frame of data then this slider will appear so you can select the frame to use.


This box will show you the velocity for the position of the object in the flow field.