MegaScatter Customer Comments

Some of the reviews and comments left on the Asset Store by users of MegaScatter.

Previous Review Says It All.

Just wanted to concur. Have zero issues and it has made decorating a massive map vastly easier and faster. Excellent control and organization.


Been looking for something like this for a long time. Just happened to stumble upon it today. After using it for a few minutes its clear this is a very useful tool if you have environments of any size. Scatter doesnt have to be used just for grass and foliage, other environment props work too.

Not only does it make environment design a breeze, it has also reduced my draw calls by loads as it automatically will combine meshes. I was manually combining meshes for my grass to reduce draw calls before, but this asset does that for you saving tons of time. Full scenes of grass, trees, rocks all placed using Scatter and my draw calls are wayyyyyyyyy lower than before.

Easy to set up and use, easy to understand, lots of customization options. This is a must have. You will not be disappointed.

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