MegaWire Window

MegaWires Window
If you have a scene that already has the objects in it that you want to connect with wires then you can use the MegaWires Window to easily select those objects and build the wires between them. The window is opened by clicking the MegaWire option in the GameObject menu. A dockable window will open, and at the top there is a button called ‘Start Picking’ if you click this you can then start clicking on objects in your scene that you want to wire together. The order you pick the objects in is the order they will be connected up and that order is displayed in the window for you. When you click the start picking button you will be asked if you want to replace the existing list of objects or add to it, if you click replace then the current list will be cleared and a new one started, clicking Add will mean the new selection will be added to the end of the current list. When you are happy with you selection you click the ‘Stop Picking’ button.

You can now select the material to be used for the wires that are created as well as a name for the MegaWires object that is about to be created. You can also pick an existing MegaWires object from your scene from which to copy all the settings so you don’t need to set all the params again making it very easy to add multiple dynamic wires to your project. When you have that all set you just need to click the ‘Create Wire’ button for your poles to be connected up with wires. If you are creating your first wire object in the scene and have not selected a ‘Copy From’ object then the system will not create any actual wires as you will need to add the connection points for the wires, this is easily done in the MegaWires inspector.

MegaWires Window

MegaWire Window

Start Picking

Click this button to start selecting objects in the scene to add to the poles list. You will be asked if you want to replace the existing list or add to it.

Stop Picking

The Start picking button will change to a Stop Picking one, click this to end the current selection process and save the list.

Create Wire

This will create a MegaWires object in your scene, it may not actually produce any visible wires just yet it depends if you are copying the settings from an existing MegaWires object or not, if not you can set up the actual wire connections by opening the inspector on the newly created object and adding the connections there.


The name given to the newly created MegaWires object.


The material to use for the wires.

Copy From

You can choose to have the settings from an existing MegaWires object transferred to the new object, this will save setting up of the physics and meshing params as well as the connection points.

Current Selection

Shows the current selection that will be used to create the wires.

MegaWire Window Video

Coming soon.

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