Please use our ticketing system if you have found a bug, need some general support or have a feature you would like to see added. All support tickets must include the invoice number for the purchase of the Asset from the Unity asset store if there is no valid invoice number in the submitted ticket the support request will not be generated and you will get an email asking you to resubmit. Support tickets are only for validated customers. We attempt to answer tickets within a few hours of receiving them but please allow at least a working day for a reply. Due to the high number of emails we get we can not guarantee a response to direct email help requests and priority is always given to handling support tickets.

If requesting exporters please state which 3d package you are using, the version and whether it is the 64 or 32 bit version as well as the OS, exporter requests without this info will be delayed till other outstanding tickets have been dealt with.

It is very important for a quick solution to a problem that when submitting a bug report you include all steps necessary to recreate the issue and if possible include screenshots and a video that clearly show what has gone wrong. Support tickets with complete information to help us track down and recreate the issue will be dealt with before other support tickets, we can not guarantee a response to bug reports without the steps to reproduce the problem, or an example project showing the issue, and tickets with complete repros will take priority over tickets with no repro information. If you do not receive a response in a working day it is most likely due to incomplete information for us to recreate your problem.

Also please do not send files by email as they will be rejected and not get through, if you need to send a file upload to dropbox or similar and send a link. Tickets and emails with large files attached will not get to us.

And finally we can not always respond to requests for custom scripts to be written, if the request is for something that could benefit most users of the system then we can add the request to the wish list but we are not able to write custom scripts or examples.


You must include the Asset Store Invoice number or Paypal transaction ID for you purchase from our website to generate a support ticket

Again if no invoice number is included in the ticket you will not get a reply.

To submit a support ticket please visit our UserVoice page.