Conform Modifier
The conform modifier allows you to deform one mesh onto another for example you have a flat road mesh and you would like to place it onto a Terrain or a ground mesh that has hills, with the conform modifier you just need to select the target and the system will make your mesh fit that target. You have control over how much of the conform will be used as well as an offset from the surface if required. This modifier is currently in Beta so some of the params may change and more functionality may be added.

Conform Inspector

Conform Param Description


The target object you want to deform the mesh to, this can be any object that has a collider, so a mesh or a terrain etc.

Conform Amount

How much the mesh will conform to the target surface, a value of 0 will leave the mesh unchanged, 1 will full conform the mesh to the surface object.

Ray Start Off

The starting offset for the collision calculation, if for some reason your mesh is below the highest point of the target surface you can increase this to start the collision check higher up.

Ray Dist

How far the system will check for a surface to deform to.


How closely the mesh will sit on the target surface a value of 0 will have the mesh sitting exactly on the surface but if you get some poke through you could increase this a tiny bit.


The Up axis for the source mesh. If your mesh is not conforming correctly then try changing this value.

Conform Video

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