Version History

Release History of MegaFiers

    MegaFiers is now fully compatible with Unity 2018.3
    MegaFiers is now fully compatible with Unity 2019 beta
    Added new option to MegaModifyObject inspector context menu called ‘Mesh Changed’ so if you need to change the mesh in the filter do so then click that to update everything.
    Fixed an issue which stopped spline editing from working in Unity 2017.4
    Fixed the missing GUI call in the Point Cache Animator Inspector script that could cause Unity to crash.
    Fixed the missing GUI call in the Morph Animator Inspector script that could cause Unity to crash.
    Added option to Point Cache modifier to ignore first frame in playback, since some mdd files seem to save a pose frame as frame 0.
    Fixed bug in MegaHose and MegaHoseNew which could cause Hose mesh to update every frame.
    Some changes for latest Unity 2018.2 release.
    Complete rewrite of the MegaWrap mapping system, now takes less than a second for complex meshes as opposed to an hour in some cases.
    Remove some unused objects from the package
    MegaFiers now works with the Hololens platform.
    MegaFiers updated to be compatible with Unity 2018.1
    Removed unused assets from the package
    Fixed a bug where some modifiers would look wrong after being added into a scene from a prefab.
    Fixed an issue in Unity 2017.2 that stopped the spline knots from being moved.
    Added inverse option to Volume Selection modifier to invert the selection.
    Added inverse option to the Multi volume selection modifier to invert the selection.
    Small optimization to the volume selection modifiers.
    MegaFiers is now fully compatible with Unity 2017.3
    MegaFiers is now fully compatible with Unity 2017.2
    MegaCache OBJ seq import now works if the file names are just numbers.
    SVG importer updated to handle SVG files with ‘ ‘ separators as well as ‘,’.
    Added an Align option to Bez Patch object which will automatically position non corner control points to be aligned with the edges.
    Added Init Lattice context menu option to reset the Lattice points on a bez patch object.
    Added Align context menu option to Bez Patch object to align non corner control points.
    The Undo for MegaShapes now recognises adding and deleting of knots as well other the other options that change the spline such as Autocurve, scale etc.
    Fixed bug in Make Prefab where if a mesh was deformed when prefab was made it would be double deformed when the prefab was added to a scene.
    Removed an object from the demo scene with an invalid vertex that would stop the demo scene building on Mobile platforms.
    Changed file sequence importers to work without need for split character or format number, so now works correctly.
    Updated OBJ file importer to be able to handle negative indices.
    Changed OBJ material importer so you wont get an error if Material texture map fields are empty in the OBJ file.
    MegaCache made fully Unity 2017 compatible.
    Stopped MegaCache OBJ animated system from animating in edit mode.
    Fixed a problem with importing materials.
    MegaCache now fully compatible with Unity 5.6
    Changed various importers to work around the Monobehaviour bug for StringReader making importing of files with Unix line endings very very slow.
    OBJ Material importer will now create Standard Shader materials instead of Legacy shaders.
    Added an error message when trying to import an OBJ file which contains faces with more than 4 sides, the OBJ importer only supports quads and tris.
    MegaCache now fully compatible with Unity 5.5
    Improved the material importer so will use names in mtllib instead of expecting same filenames as obj files.
    Option added to force calculation of normals on import, this will override any normals in the OBJ files.
    OBJ files which contain no normals will now have normals calculated on import.
    Material importer now removes any ‘:’ found in the material names, ‘:’ can not be used in asset names in Unity.
    Material importer now defaults alpha value to 1 instead of 0 is alpha component missing, this stops meshes from being invisible after import.
    Fixed bug where mesh would not display if multiple materials were found in the OBJ sequence but load materials is not selected.
    MegaCache is fully 5.4 compatible.
    Added option to update mesh collider for Object Cache.
    Changed animation system to stop animated modifiers from updating in edit mode when not playing.
    Took out the check to only update modified objects if selected which was causing unexpected effects and objects not updating when dependencies were changed.
    MegaFiers made Unity 2017 compatible.
    Changes made for the latest Unity 5.6 obsolete methods for the final release of Unity 5.6
    Added new options to the BezPatch system to allow for better control over the animation system.
    Size value now works for FFD handles.
    Gizmo col alpha will effect FFD handles.
    Stopped all MegaModify objects in the scene being updated when editing another.
    Fixed FFD handles not changing mesh while dragging.
    Added experimental Hit Deform modifier for deformations when your object hits something.
    Fixed a problem with the Position handles when editing splines.
    Splines now default to Free Handle mode for editing.
    Fixed problem when building for Windows App platform with the OBJ Exporter.
    MegaShapes is fully 5.6 compatible.
    Added new improved spline smoothing, you can now choose between old and new smoothing modes in the Shape Inspector. New method will produce a perfectly smooth spline through all the control points.
    Added option to auto smooth the spline when you drag a knot, this will recalc the knot control points if you have changed any.
    Rewritten the spline editing bit, making it easier to select and move spline knots and handles.
    Move gizmos are now only shown for the currently selected knot.
    To edit a spline knot you just need to click the green sphere for the point you want to edit, that will then select that point.
    Option to freeze y movement when editing spline points, useful if using the free move handle type.
    No need to click and drag mid point gizmos to add a new point you can now just click the circle to add a new knot.
    Move handles now point along the spline.
    Added extra circle gizmo at end of open spline for easier creation of splines by easily allowing addition of knot on the end.
    Add Undo system for spline editing, you can now undo any changes made to a splines knots by clicking the Undo Edit Spline button.
    Added option to set the max Undos that can be stored.
    Fixed bug that caused splines to get corrupted if you tried to use the Spline animation builder on a spline with an imported animation.
    Added the missing SetHandles method to the MegaShapes API.
    Mega Copy Object now works correctly for deformed meshes so that the new mesh is not predeformed.
    World Path Deform animation option works in Distance mode as well as percent mode.
    Path Deform animation option works in Distance mode as well as percent mode.
    Animation loop modes added to Path Deform and World Path deform, so you can Loop, Clamp, PingPong the animation if you want.
    Fixed an issue with the Bezier Attractor where the points array was not being initialised causing an exception.
    Added MegaOBJExport component so you can export a deforming mesh to an OBJ File or a sequence of OBJ Files.
    Added new item to GameObject Menu to allow you to directly export any mesh object to an OBJ file.
    Added a Scale modifier, making it easier to work with meshes that need scaling first.
    Added a new ‘Mega Duplicate Object New’ option to the GameObject menu, this will duplicate an object in the scene and preserve any prefabs and still update the meshes correctly for MegaFiers.
    Fixed bug that caused splines to get corrupted if you tried to use the Spline animation builder on a spline with an imported animation.
    FFD Warps can now be found in the same component section as the other warps instead of a different warp heading.
    Fixed issue on Unity 5.4 that dragging FFD Warp handles was not updating any object bound to that warp.
    Added UpdateMode to Modify Object, you can now choose between Update, LateUpdate or OnRender, this will change when in the render pipeline the deformations are added, Update is fine for most cases but sometimes you may need the other options, use OnRender with TextMeshPro objects for example or other procedural objects.
    Removed LateUpdate option from Mega Modify Object.
    Small optimisation to the Bend modifier.
    Fixed a bug in the multi-threaded Morph where some vertices might not be moved.
    Fixed the morph example in the demo scene not working and added more example morph channels.
    Fixed a small bug in the Conform modifier which caused odd results when the mesh was rotated and using Local Down.
    Made changes to make compatible with upcoming Unity 5.5 release.
    Fixes for errors when building for Windows App platform.
    Fixed a bug in the Conform modifier so nopw detects if the Axis value is changed and so will work correctly.
    Added new options to the conform modifier to allow you to use the down axis of the object, so can conform on to objects from different directions, useful for conforming to say a sphere.
    Added new Hose Attach system that uses the new hose system.
    Added a new version of the hose system that works correctly when end nodes are transformed or moved. Use ‘Hose New’ instead of ‘Hose’.
    Fixed the mesh being deleted if you removed the Modify Object component.
    Added two helper options to the context menu for the modify object component alowing you easily remove all MegaFier components from your object and either leave the deformed state or retore the mesh to its original state.
    Improved the material importer for MegaCache so will use names in mtllib instead of expecting same filenames as obj files.
    Fix for Wrap system on non skinned targets not being in the correct place.
    Fixed bug in the wrap system when using new BakedMesh option.
    More fixes for depreciated methods in Unity 5.4
    Greatly sped up the MegaWrap system, 2 to 4 times faster.
    Added option to MegaWrap to use Unity BakeMesh for faster calculation of skinned vertices, note using the Bake option is a lot faster but will generate some GC.
    Fix for MegaCache missing a method when used on a platform that does not support multi threading.
    Fixed MegaCopyObject not present on Window App platforms.
    Fixed error in SVG code on Windows App platforms.
    Changes to the Progressive Morph Weight option so works as expected now.
    Helper script MegaShapeRBodyPath.cs moved from Test Scene folder to MegaShapes folder to stop duplication if MegaFiers and MegaShapes are used together in a project.
    Added weight option to Morph channels to allow adjustment of each channels contribution to the morph, useful for progressive morphs.
    Fixed a problem with Wrapped object prefabs when they were wrapped to a skinned target causing errors and not working when added back to a scene.
    Added beta FFD2x2x2 Warp Modifier.
    Added beta FFD3x3x3 Warp Modifier.
    Added beta FFD4x4x4 Warp Modifier.
    Fixed an issue with the 2015/16 3ds max exporter crashing with Progressive morph targets.
    MegaMelt modifier custom inspector code updated to support multi object edit and undo/redo
    Fixed a bug in the wrap system when a mesh is being copied causing an exception.
    Fixed an issue in the Make Prefab system if a ModifyObject was attached to an object with no mesh data.
    Fixed an issue with the Make Prefab system if there were copies of the same mesh in the hierarchy
    Fixed an issue in the Make Prefab system where meshes could be swapped depending on order of skinned and normal meshes in the children.
    Fixed the above also for Copy Object.
    MegaWrap system now copies Unity BlendShape data to preserve any blendshapes that may be attached to a wrapped item.
    MegaWrapRef system now copies Unity BlendShape data to preserve any blendshapes that may be attached to a wrapped item.
    CanEditMultipleObjects now works on all components.
    Fixed mesh instead of sharedmesh being used in part of the copy object, so no more leaked mesh errors in edit mode when copying.
    Added a check in Create Prefab system for when a MegaWrap component is attached to a gameobject with no meshfilter which broke the copy system.
    Updated Mesh copy functions so Unity Blendshape data is preserved.
    Stopped the mesh leak error when remapping the wrap mesh to object in the edit mode.
    Editing of splines is now disbaled if an Alt key is down, stops accidental editing of splines while changing the scene view.
    Fixed error with Spline Fill mesh when being used as a collider with zero thickness.
    MegaFiers fully compatible with Unity 5.4
    Fixed a problem in Unity 5.x where zero length tris would cause an error and stop the collider being built.
    Fixed exception in inspector if you happen to create a spline with no knots in it.
    Added option to turn of the autosmooth when a new knot is added to the spline.
    Also added the AutoCurve option when the Add Knot button is clicked
    Please make a backup before updating to this version as a lot of internals have been changed.
    Removed a lot of dead code and commented out sections.
    Changed the way meshes are copied and cached to make initial setup quicker, use less memory and stops the false error that would appear when a modifier is first added to a mesh.
    Mesh changes mean system can work with assets like Text Mesh Pro which update their meshes at Start time.
    Added Dynamic Mesh option to Modify Object, turn this option on if your mesh is procedural in any way, ie text , for optimized handling of dynamic mesh data
    Re did Mega Wrap mapping so now uses a cancel progress bar, so you can stop the process and also see how long it will take.
    Greatly sped up the Wrap mapping process.
    More performance increase to come to the wrap system in future updates.
    Made changes for full compatiblity with Unity 5.3
    Added beta option to MegaWrap to use the MegaNormal recalculate option to preserve smoothing groups.
    Added beta option to MegaWrapRef to use the MegaNormal recalculate option to preserve smoothing groups.
    Fixed obsolete messages for Unity 5.1 and 5.2
    Fixed MegaShapeLightMapWindow problem when doing an app build.
    Changed the Copy Object system to work better with Wrapped objects. Use “GameObject/Mega Duplicate Object”
    Improved the Create Mega Prefab system. Use “GameObject/Create Mega Prefab”
    Added MegaCopyObject.DuplicateObject() method to allow you to copy Mega objects from script.
    You can now build lightmap data for MegaShape standard meshes.
    Changed OSM importer to use ulong for ids instead of int so can now handle complex OSM files.
    Fixed Shape labels being displayed if behind the camera.
    Added a beta OSM data importer. Click the Assets/Import OSM option.
    Fixed exception if trying to build a mesh with a shape with no splines.
    Fixed exception if trying to interpolate along a shape with no splines.
    Fixed exception if trying to interpolate a spline with no knots.
    Added a check to the Wrap system for skinned meshes with no bones being used as targets, system will now work in such cases.
    Changed the PC2 file importer to allow for files that do not contain all the samples indicated by the header.
    Added FindNearestPointXZ and FindNearestPointXZWorld methods to MegaShape API.
    Improved Move RigidBody along spline system example script MegaShapeRBodyPathNew, note it is an example script for you to base your own on.
    Added a break force option to RigidBody spline follow.
    Fixed a bug in the Load Targets option when using OBJ files with the morpher.
    Added more options to the Move Rigidbody along a spline script.
    Added option to the Walk Rope example scripts to check object is within the bounds of the bridge object. Enable Recalc Bounds on any rope bridge to use.
    Removed the unused function LoadTexture which was causing a compile error when building for webplayer.
    Added a warning in the Wrap system if you are trying to wrap to an object with no mesh.
    Optimized the Attractor Shape modifier some more.
    Attractor shape modifier now works with multiple splines.
    Added a version of the Displace modifier that can use RenderTextures.
    Added option to World Path deform to use a distance value or precent value;
    Added option to Path deform to use a distance value or precent value.
    Tweaks to the Draw Spline components.
    Autocurve fixed so the last knots handles on an open spline are correct.
    Added a Draw Spline example script to make splines by drawing with the mouse at runtime.
    Fixed some potential errors in the constant speed interpolation.
    Smooth value is now a slider and shows results in realtime for easier use.
    Further small changes to make compatible with Unity 5.0
    Made changes for latest Unity 5 beta to fix any import warnings.
    Fixed exception when adding a new curve to a shape.
    The Clone Spline layer now works with the spline twist values.
    Fixed exception when adding a new curve to a shape.
    Added option to Spline Tube Mesh to flip normals for inside tubes.
    Added option to Spline Box Mesh to flip normals for inside box tubes.
    Added option to Spline Ribbon Mesh to flip normals.
    Imported SXL splines will now no longer change values to centre the spline.
    Imported SVG splines will now no longer change values to centre the spline.
    Added Centre Shape button to Shapes Inspector to allow you move the pivot to the centre of all the points.
    Added new InterpCurve3D method which will return the postion, twist and also rotation quaternion for a point on a spline.
    Autocurve now does the first and last handles on open splines.
    Added ‘Update on Drag’ option to MegaShape inspector, if checked spline meshes will update as you drag, off then they will update when dragging stops.
    Fixed inspector for spline animations so buttons aren’t hidden.
    Added option to MegaCache Obj to update the mesh collider if one is present.
    Fixed a bug in the Copy Object method where normals might not be copied correctly depending on settings.
    Added a runtime folder option for OBJ Cache files, cache files for standalone builds need to be copied the data folder for the build after the Unity build.
    Fixed mouse offset issu in dynamic ripple modifier if using a box collider which has a non zero center value.
    Added new modifier, Conform Modifier that supports multiple targets.
    Added option to OBJ Cache inspector for Name Split character.
    Fixed potential memory leak in OBJ Cache system
    Fixed image base OBJ Seq mesh not appearing when project loaded until it is animated.
    Fixed final warning for importing asset into Unity 5.x project.
    Fixed bug meaning bilinear option in Dynamic ripple could not be unchecked.
    Made changes to OBJ importer to work with odd OBJ files such as ones with no normals etc
    Frames slider appears correctly when selecting a cache file for the first time
    Added beta of the MegaCache OBJ cache system, this will be the basic version of the system in the full MegaCache asset
    Fixed MegaPaint so it imports into Unity 5.x with no changes needed
    Doubled the speed of the Attractor modifier
    Added a limit option to the Attractor modifier to limit range of the effect and help improve performance.
    Repulse mode in Attractor modifier now works correctly.
    Added simple demo scene for the Attractor modifier.
    MegaFiers now imports into Unity 5.x with no changes required.
    Added option to the dynamic ripple modifier to use a readable greyscale texture as obstructions for the ripples.
    Made changes to code to stop warnings from Undo system on Unity 5.x
    New modifier added, Bezier Attractor.
    MegaWrap now works with Create Mega Prefab, Beta feature, works with tested objects on Unity 3.5.
    Path Follow script updated to use spline twist values.
    Path Follow script updated to have offset and rotation values.
    Added example script MegaShapeRBodyPath.cs to show how to connect an RBody to a spline, the rbody can then be moved along the spline using a force.
    Added option of a Frame Delay for Point Cache to improve syncing with Unity animations.
    Added a new method to MegaModifyObject MeshChanged(Mesh newmesh) which you can call if the orginal mesh has been changed, ie dynamic text objects.
    Fixed slowdown when using the morph sliders on Unity 4.x.
    Added ZStretch Warp.
    Fixed error when demo scene scripts not imported.
    Added option to export MegaShapes to SVG files.
    Fixed warnings in the Undo system for Unity 4.5 and 4.6
    Fixed rare exception when loading mor files on 4.5 and 4.6
    Point Cache animator Clamp loop mode now works correctly with reverse clips
    Morph Cache animator Clamp loop mode now works correctly with reverse clips
    Added KML import of splines
    Fixed warnings that show up in Unity 4.x
    Added Squeeze Warp
    Added Axis value to Squeeze and Squeeze Warp to give more control
    Added a Flatten button to the inspector so you can quickly flatten any spline
    Added a Remove twist button to the inspector to reset any twists on a spline
    Added a SetHeight method to the API so you can quickly set all knots and handles for spline to the same height
    Added a SetTwist method to the API so you can quickly set all the knots in a spline to the same twist angle
    Added option to choose easing mode for twist values, either Linear or Sine at the moment.
    Added id values to the spline knots.
    Removed some Debug messages that were left in for Maya morph import.
    Knot twist values now used by World Path Deform.
    Knot twist values now used by Path Deform.
    Changed the knot twist handle to make it simpler and less cluttered.
    Fixed a slowdown that could happen with twist handles enabled.
    Added beta support for twist values per knot.
    Knot twist value now used in the extruded mesh options box, tube and ribbon
    Path Follow script can use knot twist values
    Character Follow script fixed.
    New methods in API to Interpolate and get twist along with position
    Added a BuildSplineWorld method to the api so splines can be built from world space points.
    Added a beta of a new path follow script that will allow characters to be constrained to a path but otherwise be allowed to move freely and jump etc while on that path MegaCharacterFollow.cs
    Fixed a bug in constant speed open splines that have been reversed.
    Beta of new Create Prefab system added, will work with wrapped meshes as well.
    Point Cache modifier can now use one cache file to define mapping then load another for actual cache data, so no longer does the first frame have to match the fbx file.
    Fixed a bug where constant speed interpolation was not being used for open splines.
    Added the ability to create animated splines inside Unity, you can now add keyframes for splines and have them played back for you.
    Added BezPatch Mesh object, useful for image warping.
    Added MoveSpline methods to API for easy moving of entire spline
    Added RotateSpline methods to API for easy rotation of entire spline
    AutoCurve Button now only updates the current spline being edited
    Added Gizmo to allow current spline to be moved in the editor for easy repositioning
    Easier to add knots to a spline, click and drag the mid point circle to add new point
    Added option to apply Bind Warp modifier to all siblings, right click inspector and click Add To Siblings
    Warp gizmos will now show up on newer versions of Unity.
    Dyanmic Hose system updated to match latest MegaShapes version.
    Small fix to the tyreripple script, works correctly with box colliders now.
    Added TyreRipple.cs helper script to show how objects can leave wakes in Dynamic Ripple meshes.
    Update to the SVG importer to handle path ‘m’ commands with multiple values ie fill a shape.
    Improved performance of spline interpolation when using constant speed.
    Constant speed defaults to Normalized Interp for interpolation.
    Added Melt Warp Modifier
    Flatness value added to Melt modifier to control the thickness of fully melted mesh
    Flatness value added to Melt Warp to control the thickness of fully melted mesh
    Changes to Undo system.
    Fixed Undo error in 4.3 and other warnings.
    Added a ‘smoothness’ value to MegaShape which is used by the AutoCurve method, a value of 0 will result in sharp corners, a value of 2 will give very wide entries into knots, a value of 1.1 seems to be the best value for smooth curves.
    Unity 4.3 new undo support.
    Removed unused meshes from package.
    Added a Label field to each modifier so making it easier to find the exact modifier you need in a complex stack.
    Added code provided by Sergio Barrera have a LOD value for each Modifier so they can be turned on and off via a lod manager.
    Included the Mod Lod manager helper script for managing modifier lods.
    Bug fix, when using meshes that change vertex counts the internal data structures were not being updated correctly, again thanks to Sergio Barrera this has been fixed.
    Train follow has debug lines for easier editing.
    Added helper script MegaTrainFollow that allows for multiple objects to follow eg like a train with carriages
    Conform added to fill spline meshing option.
    Conform added to box spline meshing option.
    Conform added to tube spline meshing option.
    Conform added to ribbon spline meshing option.
    The debug mode for morph mapping failures should work correctly now.
    Added beta of Conform modifier.
    MegaGrab disabled for platforms that do not support it.
    Fixed all warnings when importing into Unity 4.1 onwards
    Fixed a bug in the dynamic ripple causing an error when changing physics rows and col values.
    Small change to dynamic ripple to work with Unity 4.2 better, box collider not being detected sometimes.
    Maya exporter update to handle multiple targets (targets must be present in Maya)
    Maya exporter update current blendshape weights now exported instead of being set to 0
    Mac Maya 2014 64 bit exporter available
    Displace modifier now has a vertical offset value.
    Displace Limits modifier now has a vertical offset value.
    Option added to point cache modifier to map from the last frame of the data.
    Added new modifier Point Cache Ref, this works the same as a point cache modifier but allows you to use another object in the scene as the data source so you don’t need to duplicate the point cache data.
    Point Cache Animator updated to work with Point Cache Ref as well.
    Added new beta modifier Morph Ref, this works the same as a Morph modifier but allows you to use another object as the data source so you don’t need to duplicate the morph vertex data.
    Added wave length value to Sinus Curve and Sinus Curve warp modifier
    Warp objects can be created from the Game Object Create other menu now.
    Compact mode in Morph inspector even more compact
    Fixed a bug in mega wrap that might stop it wrapping onto non skinned meshes.
    Now compatible with Windows App and Phone
    Alpha of Animation blending in Morph Animator, use PlayClip(clip, blendtime) or PlayClip(clipname, blendtime)
    Fixed some issues in the demo scene.
    You can disable the Unity undo feature per modifier this may increase the inspector speed on slower machines not using Unity 4.3
    Text Labels no longer display if they are behind the camera.
    Added new Globe Warp modifier, which is the Globe modifier but as a space warp.
    Added new Waving warp modifier.
    Added new Sinus Curve warp modifier.
    Added new Hump Warp modifier.
    Added new Cylindrify Warp modifier.
    Added new Spherify Warp modifier.
    Added new Bubble Warp modifier.
    Added Deformable modifier for doing collision and crater type effects (alpha version only for testing)
    Book script improved, pages should lay flat when pages controlled by keys.
    Added ability to view mapping data for point cache modifier to help fix mapping issues.
    Fixed a bug in the point cache importer which was causing mapping failures on some meshes.
    Add tolerance value to Point Cache modifier so if you get mapping failures try increasing this.
    Speed option add to Point Cache Animator Clips
    Speed option add to Morph Animator Clips
    Scrubbing time value on Point Cache modifier will now update mesh if animate is turned off.
    Added option to morph inspector to show mapping data so in case of failures it can help show what the issue is.
    Tolerance value added to inspector, for some very large meshes with morphs you may need to increase this value.
    Fixed error in the Blender exporter if your morph had no animations.
    Fixed Max 2013 and 2014 morph exporters, were crashing on progressive morph targets.
    Fixed missing names on progressive morph targets on Max 2013 and 14 exporters.
    Fixed missing first target percent value in progressive morphs when using Max 2013 and 14 exporters.
    Maya exporter updated so only selected blendshape is exported instead of all blendshapes.
    Added a waveaxis option to the Waving modifier to make it easier to setup the wave direction.
    Beta version of Maya 2014 64 bit blendshape exporter available.
    multi vol select missing position handle bug fixed
    Selections now update automatically when you drag volumes around in multi volume select
    Selection now update automatically when you drag volumes around in volume select
    Adding a volume from multi volume select now updates selection automatically
    Deleting a volume from multi vol select updates the selections
    Changing order value in multi volume select works now
    new waving modifier added
    deleting all volumes from multi volume select now clears the selection
    Enable value added to each volume in multi volume select
    help page added for Multi Volume Select modifier
    Help page added for Waving modifier
    Added Material Selection modifier allowing deformation of sub material vertices only in a mesh.
    Added scaling option to tube meshing params so you can easily make tubes that get fatter or thinner
    Added scaling option to box meshing params so you can easily make box tubes that get fatter or thinner
    Added scaling option to ribbon meshing params so you can easily make ribbons that get wider or thinner
    Max 2013 and 2014 exporters have had a memory bug fix.
    Bug in the MCC point cache file parser fixed.
    Order value added to volume select modifier
    Order value added to multi volume select modifier
    Order value added to vert col select modifier
    Curve Deforms Max Deviation value now works
    Added the Pos value back in to the Curve Deform modifier
    Fixed Vert Index slider on Skin Wrap causing error when slid to right extent.
    Fixed bug in Morph Animator editor script that stopped some frame numbers from being entered
    Fixed bug in Point Cache Animator editor script that stopped some frame numbers from being entered
    Enable option added to Mega Wrap so you can easily turn it off.
    Beta Shrink option added to Mega Wrap so you can make wrapped meshes fit more closely to the target object, useful for clothing.
    Mega Wrap now supports wrapping of non skinned meshes onto skinned ones, so all cases now work.
    Wrap help page updated.
    Changed WaitOne method so valid on IOS stripped builds.
    Added basic Line Shape to the helper shapes so you can create a simple straight line spline and set the number of points as a useful starting spline.
    Added Beta of Constant Speed option to splines, you can choose per spline if it is a constant speed bezier spline or a normal bezier spline.
    Calc Subdivs value added this will make length calculations more accurate the higher the value, will also make the constant speed interpolation more accurate. This can be set per spline.
    Tank Track help page added.
    Hose help page added.
    Added a check to mor loader to not load empty morph channels.
    Added back in the global UseLimits on morph channels option, somehow got lost in an update.
    Bug fixed in Buoyancy script which didn’t take height of water object into account.
    Dynamic Ripple improved to handle different orientations of mesh better.
    No ripples appearing bug fixed in buoyancy script.
    MegaMorph Animator help page updated.
    Point Cache animator help page updated.
    Added a gap value to the Mega Wrap system so you can easily offset the wrap away from the surface or sink it in.
    Mega Wrap help page added.
    PlayClip methods on Morph and Point Cache animator can be called from Unity Animation events, bug in Unity 4.x work around.
    Beta of Globe modifier added to deform objects to sit on a sphere.
    Updated the docs for the MegaShapes system.
    Added docs for the meshing options for MegaShapes.
    Help page for Globe modifier added.
    MegaWrap can now wrap a skinned mesh onto another skinned mesh so making things like facial hair even easier as you only need to do the morphs etc for the head mesh then you can swap in new hair meshes that are wrapped to the head and they will deform alongside the head.
    DeepCopy and InstanceObject methods in MegaCopyObjects now return the GameObject they create.
    Morph Animator can now control multiple morphs in a hierachy, so if you have a hierachy with multiple morphs you can animate all of them with one Morph Animator.
    Morph animator now has option to describe clips in frames or in seconds.
    Point Cache animator now has option to describe clips in frames or in seconds.
    Sped up display of vertex weights in volume selects
    Fixed SetActive() error
    Added weighting value to Volume Select.
    Added weighting value to Multi Volume select volumes.
    Added Freeze Selection option to Volume select so current selection is frozen so saving time.
    Added Freeze Selection option to Multi Volume select so current selection is frozen so saving time.
    Added a Multi volume Select modify for more advanced vertex selections, using sphere or box volumes.
    Added box volume type to Vol Select modifier
    Updated MegaGrab to latest version.
    Fixed Mesh Fill option not working correctly if shapes were generated with an axis value or X or Z.
    Fixed errors on 4.0 and 4.1 for SetActiveRecursively
    Cursor position is now a per spline value instead of a single static.
    Added a error dialog when malformed PC2 files are loaded.
    Added Do Late Update option to Hose system
    Added option to disable hose updates if not visible
    Added Tank Tracks System
    Added Tank Wheels helper system
    Option to toggle spline display for Hose system.
    Hoses named correctly when created.
    Fixed hose not initializing correctly on creation.
    The hose system now works correctly with prefabs.
    Hose Freecreate mode disables automatically if end objects defined.
    Small fix to Morph Animator inspector.
    Small fix to Point Cache Animator inspector.
    Volume Select now has a target value so you can link the volume location to a gameobject.
    Imported Maya blendshape animations now 100% correct due to new Hermite animation controllers.
    Maya exporter updated.
    Point Cache modifier has improved mapping detection options.
    Removed error when platform set to Flash.
    Mega Deep Copy added to GameObject menu which will allow copying of objects and skinned objects in the scene, MegaCopyObject.DeepCopy(obj) can be used from script.
    Fixed bug in Point Cache Animator that stopped it working.
    Added Mega Create Instance to GameObject menu to make proper instance copies of Modified objects in the scene. MegaCopyObject.InstanceObject(obj) can be used from script.
    Added Mega Hose system to MegaShapes, easily connect two objects with a flexible hose.
    Added Mega Hose Attach to MegaShapes, attach objects to the hose.
    Fixed a bug in the morph animation playback when used with mor files exported from Maya.
    Maya morph exporter updated to fix animation issue.
    NormMap renamed to MegaNormMap to avoid naming clashes.
    Fixed Load Mapping bug when working with OBJ files and morphs.
    Mega Wrap improved you can now set the max number of mapping points to use and the best ones will be used.
    Fixed bug in Mega Copy Object when used with skinned meshes.
    Optimized stretch modifier.
    Optimized taper modifier.
    Optimized squeeze modifier.
    Fixed bug in Helix shape with one of the knot handles being wrong.
    Improvements to the Create Prefab system.
    Alpha of Mega Wrap system released
    Small update to the book script will now disable MegaFiers on pages that dont need updating making it much faster for mobile devices.
    Option added to stop deformation updates when object not visible.
    Added a Create MegaShape Prefab option to the GameObject menu so you can easily create prefabs out of lofts or shape meshes.
    Removed some debug logging messages when loading SVG and SXL files.
    Center Offset right click option works correctly now
    Center GizmoPos right click option works correctly now
    Added curve selection option to Path Deform Modifier
    Added curve selection option to World Path Deform Modifier
    Added new spline import file format.
    Support added for SXL file import, sxl is a xml based spline format allowing users to easily write their own spline exporters.
    Bezier curve Exporter for Maya available
    Editing of splines works correctly for scaled and rotated splines
    SVG import now uses Axis value on import for orientation.
    Added Ribbon option to mesh types when converting Spline to a mesh.
    Fixed MeshRenderer being added to object when it wasn’t required.
    Added Late Update option to shapes.
    Pivot offset value now works for tube, box and ribbon meshing options.
    Added UV offset param to tube, box and ribbon meshing options.
    When loading SPL or SVG files you now have the option to Replace existing splines or add to the splines making the shape.
    Limits work correctly for MorphOMatic morphs now.
    Changing limits on MorphOMatic morph no longs alters target percents and messes up morphing.
    Added option to limit number of MorphOMatic channels displayed in inspector.
    Added Elipse support to SVG importer.
    Fixed splines not showing up when selected in Unity 4.0
    Added a Reverse spline option to the Shapes inspector, will reverse the currently selected spline
    Added an Apply Scaling button to the inspector so if you scale the shape using the transform click this to correctly scale the splines
    Added an Outline spline system, you can now ask the system to make a new spline that outlines the current one with control over the outline distance.
    Added an Up option to the path deform modifier.
    Added an Up option to the world path deform modifier.
    SVG importer rewritten and greatly improved.
    CursorPos on shapes now works correctly for the selected curve.
    Added Help option to FFD Animate component and added page to docs site.
    Added ability to limit number of channels displayed at one time in the inspector so as not to slow down when morphs have lots of channels.
    Added start of SVG import support for shapes.
    Optimized the path deform modifiers.
    Added Box type to meshing options for splines.
    Added Tube type to meshing options for splines.
    Added help page to the MegaAttach system.
    Increased MegaMorph Animchannels from 20 to 50
    Fixed issue that would cause MorphAnimator to play on start even when option not checked.
    Fixed issue that would cause Point Cache Animator to play on start even when option not checked.
    Point Cache time value works correctly without having animated box checked
    Alpha version of Mega Collision Deform modifier added (very early WIP)
    Alpha version of Mega tree Bend modifier added (very early WIP)
    Added more angle options to the Morph Link system.
    Multithreaded Curve Sculpt support added
    Multithreaded Curve Sculpt Layered support added
    FFD modifiers work correctly with multi threading again.
    Multithreaded Curve Deform support added.
    MegaBook script updated to fix texture flips due to float precision on larger books.
    Added custom inspector for Bend Warp
    Added custom inspector for Noise Warp
    Added custom inspector for Ripple Warp
    Added custom inspector for Skew Warp
    Added custom inspector for Stretch Warp
    Added custom inspector for Taper Warp
    Added custom inspector for Twist Warp
    Added custom inspector for Wave Warp
    Adding warps from the MegaFiers window now works
    Added missing docs for Warps to website
    All Warp Help now go to their help pages
    Ripple Warp gizmo not matching warp fixed.
    Added autosmooth option to shapes.
    Added BuildSpline method.
    Added various methods to aid in spline building via script.
    Mega Attach now works with skinned meshes
    Added a gizmo to Dynamic Ripple to show the physics grid
    Changed Path to System.IO.Path to stop a clash with TDK that has an internal class called ‘Path’ The author is fixing his code.
    Added new modifier, Displace Limits, works the same as displace but has a bounding box to limit the area of effect.
    Updated Dynamic Ripple Modifier to stop errors
    Dynamic ripple automatically updates its physics system on changing params
    Added support for box collider instead of just mesh collider for ripple interaction.
    Added option for different handle types on Shapes as some people reported big slowdowns in 3.5.3
    Fixed error when trying to do link animation on morph and point cache animators when no animation is present on the object.
    Bug fixed of objects not being created if a scene view isn’t selected.
    Fixed bug that stopped Util classes being added from MegaFier window to objects with no meshfilter.
    Added in the missing MegaCurveSculptLayered modifier
    Relocated MegaWaveMesh script so it is part of the main system, you may need to select the script again if you are using the object in your scene.
    You can now add channels to a morph by loading other mor files to the same object.
    Morph mapping sped up.
    ModBut renamed to MegaModBut to avoid ay potential naming conflicts with other packages
    Made sliders in Morph Animate script match the min max limits of the channel they control
    Added Copy Object and Copy Objects button to Inspector to allow creation of new objects that will modify interdependently
    FFD Gizmos now respect the Modify Object Draw Gizmo value
    Copying FFD components now works correctly.
    Add support for FFD lattices to be animated via the Unity Animation system
    Curve Sculpt modifier now has layers of curves
    Curve Sculpt modifier can now be limited to regions of a mesh
    Can add and delete curves to a shape
    Shape editor allows you to select the curve to edit
    Improvements to Shape editing and inspector
    Fixed a bug in the SetKnot method where tangents weren’t being set.
    Added Curve Sculpt Modifier
    Spline handles no longer scale with the object
    FFD handles no longer scale with the object
    Improvements to the Spline and FFD handle code
    Improvements to the shape editing code.
    Undo works better on spline editing
    Undo and Redo works for all modifiers now
    Undo on FFD lattice point movements works properly
    Added collider support to 2D Wave mesh
    Fixed Copy Object problem with Morphed objects
    Fixed a very rare point cache exception on some HW.
    Point cache animator play on start fixed
    Point cache animator works again, was broken in previous update
    Added a 2D Wave mesh object
    Added an axis param to the Cylindrify modifier
    CopyObject now copies MegaModifyObject params as well
    FFD now has option for position handles instead of free handles for easier editing
    FFD has a size option for handles
    FFD has mirror x/y/z option to allow easier adjusting of lattice
    Rubber modifier now has an option to pick a target transform to control the effect
    Added color option to FFD Gizmo
    Added undo for FFD lattice point move
    Greatly improved performance of FFD modifiers
    FFD will fit lattice to selection is present
    Context menu item for fitting FFD to selection
    Context menu item for fitting FFD to mesh
    World Path Deform optimized
    Copy Object no longer adds MegaModifyObject if not needed
    Added Copy Object Hier to copy an object and all its children
    Morph now supports values outside of 0 to 100 percent and respects Min and Max values
    Beta of Morph Link system which allows morphs to be easily driven by other object positions or rotations so easy to drive a bicep muscle bulge from arm bone rotation for example
    Some changes to the beta dynamic ripple modifier
    Added a Reset Physics button to dynamic ripple modifier
    Added a public LoadFile() method to point cache editor to allow for files to be loaded via scripts.
    Added a point cache instance script to allow for easy instancing of point cache objects without overheads of data storage.
    Knot handles etc orientation bug fixed.
    Physical UV generation works for shape meshes now.
    Added linked update option to Morph Animator so can link moprh animation playback to current animation.
    Added Play on Start option to Morph Animator.
    Added beta version of dynamic Water modifier.
    Added webcam version displacement modifier.
    Added linked update option to Point Cache Animator so can link moprh animation playback to current animation.
    Added Play on Start option to Point Cache Animator.
    Added a Mega Copy Mesh so you can use a mesh with different modifiers on without altering the original mesh.
    Check added to MegaShape DrawGizmo to limit number of segs used to display to avoid slowdown.
    Number of channel Morph Anim helper supports increased to 20
    Added MegaAttach system to allow objects to be linked to a point on a deforming objects surface.
    Added a MegaCopyObject system to allow you to make copies of objects with ot without MegaFier components on that will work independently.
    Added a Point Cache animation clip system like the morph system. MegaPointCacheAnimator, works the same way as the Morph Animator.
    Fixed bug on Path Deform path drawing which showed knots too big and path step to large.
    Fixed uv mapping bug on Page Mesh.
    Fixed wrong check for UNITY_FLASH builds that stopped multithreading from being enabled.
    Removed workarounds for Unity bug of Handles.matrix not being used that was fixed in 3.5
    Tangents optionally calculated on Shape meshes now.
    Added custom inspector for Rope Deform and updated webpage
    Vertical noise gizmo fixed to fit mesh correctly.
    Vertical noise works correctly in multithreaded mode.
    Noise modifier works correctly for multithreaded mode.
    Fixed Rubber Modifier not using Enabled value
    Added a cursor to the MegaShapes so you can create new knots in a more user friendly way
    Added a findnearest point method to MegaShapes
    Added MegaShapes window to GameObject menu for easier creation of splines
    Added a MegaFiers Window for a simpler way to add components.
    Improved the knot manipulation interface for MegaShapes, ie when dragging knots or handles they change values based on the dragplane of the current camera, ie if camera is pointing down dragging only happens on the x z plane.
    Knotsize value changed to give larger useable range
    You can now build meshed from your splines.
    Added a height value to the MegaShape mesh builder to add depth to shapes.
    UV support for megashape meshes
    New Modifier added, Squeeze, beta
    MegaGrab added to MegaFiers
    Fixed a bug in Morph-O-Matic exporter for non triObject based meshes, ie edit poly.
    Added a Gizmo Detail value to control draw steps on gizmos.
    Updated more help file links to new website
    Updated more modifiers to new inspector layout
    Book script updated to use local pos and rots to make easier to use
    Removed all errors when compiling to Flash (note first 3.5 preview has a bug with serializing meshes)
    Updated a lot of the inspectors for the modifiers to tidy them up.
    Relinked help pages to the new website.
    Added beta versions of Curve Deform modifier
    Added beta version of Rope deform modifier
    Doubled the speed of progressive morphs (ie more than one target on a channel)
    Fixed bug in pagemesh that could mess uv coords up for last strip
    Fixed a Morph bug where if there was a mix of single target channels and progressive some channels possibly didn’t function.
    Removed more Debug.Log calls from Morph Loader.
    Tidied up folders and moved entire project to a single folder for easier addition/removal. You should backup your project before importing new version and you may need to relink scripts.
    Removed some debug.logs from the code.
    Change FFD handles to freehandles.
    Add animation methods to morph to play clips.
    Added MegaMorphAnimator component to define animclips (beta).
    Fixed bug where Modifiers added at runtime in the editor were not being initialised correctly.
    Fixed crash in vertex anim and point cache modifiers in Multithreaded mode.
    Added start of support for vertex selection sets for modifiers.
    Added Vol Select modifier for vertex selection (beta).
    Added RGB color vertex select (beta).
    Added Sinus Curve modifier.
    Added Vertex Paint Modifier (beta).
    Added Crumple modifier.
    Added Morph-O-Matic morpher (beta, requires 3ds max exporter).
    Added Scroll.cs script to package.
    Added channel id to channel buttons to aid scipting of morph channels.
    Fixed issue with the displace modifier, now works again.
    Added displace example to test scene.
    Fixed bug that corrupted normals when more than one displace modifier added to a mesh
    Fixed the values in the UVTile test object to show correct functionality.
    Added animation looping option to UVTile playback;
    Added UpdateCol methods to MegaModifyObject so colors can be adjusted for col/weight based modifiers.
    Added helper methods to rubber modifier to alter color/weights with auto update of physics. (Currently update physics is slow so ideally not to be called often).
    Added a stiffness channel to rubber so vertex colors can define areas of stiffness on a rubber object.
    Changed rubber modifier so a mesh with no colors will have no effect.
    Added a ‘None’ weight channel.
    Tidied scene up and removed unused materials.
    Fixed null reference error when an imported spline had no animations.
    Fixed melt modifier to stop -ve melt amounts being used.
    Fixed normals getting altered if normal mode is Mega and user selects ‘reset mesh info’ by right clicking the modify object bar in the inspector.
    Fixed bug where morph wasnt updating when channel percent to zero.
    Fixed bug where morphed object could vanish if all channels were set to 0 percent.
    Added Rubber modifier.
    Added support for Maya .mc geometry cache animation files to the point cache modifier
    Added weight param for Addtive blend on Point Cache modifier
    Added weight param for Addtive blend on Vertex Cache modifier
    Added support for .mdd files to Point Cache Modifier
    Auto mapping of vertices for importing point cache files
    Added blend mode to Point Cache modifier so it works nicely with other modifiers and you can stack multiple anims.
    Added blend mode to vertex anim modifier.
    Point Cache modifier added with support for loading .pc2 files.
    Support for animated splines.
    Added shape export to Max exporter, supports animated shapes as well.
    Added master point controller modifier.
    Added master point controller export to the Max exporter.
    Added Morph-O-Matic export to the Max exporter.
    New method of recalcultaing normals has been added, this is an alternative to the Unity method and unlike that method it preserves smoothing group info from the original imported model.
    Normal calculator has a multicore version.
    Tangent calculator has been optimized.
    Morpher has been multithreaded.
    Multithreaded noise working properly.
    More optimizing to the morpher can now be anything up to 40 times faster than it was.
    On loading morph file the inspector channels are shown in condensed form.
    Button to show or hide the Morph channel data in the inspector.
    Morpher has been optimized with over a 300 percent boost in performance, more to come.
    Added multi core support. Only tested on Windows so far. Multi Core pipeline can be globally enabled as well as per modified object. Multi core only works in Play mode and is turned off by default so you will have to turn it on in the inspector after play mode or have a little script to activate it by setting the static bool MegaModifiers.ThreadingOn param to true;
    Demo scene updated so Gizmos show up after rename.
    All classes have been renamed with a ‘Mega’ prefix to avoid conflict with other assets. This will break existing scenes so be aware of that before updating to this new version.
    Changed MegaShape Position handles for knots etc to FreeHandles as PositionHandles are very very slow in Unity 3.4
    Changed my tab settings to 4 instead of 2 so code will look nicer for standard 4 space tab settings.
    ModifyObject.cs file moved to correct folder, deleting test scene wont cause an error now.
    Added the book maker script MegaBook.cs to the system.
    Fixed bug where path deforms animated twice as fast with gizmo on and moved while editing
    Added Blender ShapeKey import support via .mor files
    Added morph animation import support
    Started modify group of objects, not finished yet.
    Blender 2.58 morph exporter
    More pages added to help web site.
    Fixed a bug in the Morph Anim system where the sliders were not being connected to the channels until runtime.
    Max exporter for morph data now has 64bit versions.
    Max exporter also handles Local Offsets on morphed meshes now.
    Added direct import of morph data from 3ds max via custom .mor file. Email me with invoice details from the Asset Store for the 3ds max plugin. Currently for Max 2010 and 2011 32bit.
    Added collider support. Has to use a mesh collider and no proxy meshes yet, and if the mesh collider is convex that can be quite slow.
    Added tangent support. Check box on the modify object gui.
    Fixed bug where you couldnt create more than one knot on a basic spline.
    Fixed missing gizmo icons on shape objects.
    Added option to Path Deforms for curve based twist and stretch.
    World Path Deform modifier added.
    Online help page started
    Help built into each script, right click the toolbar for a script and selct help to open its page.
    Icons moved back to gizmo directory as they didnt work in a sub directory.
    Removed help images from package as on web site now.
    Directory structure tidied up to make identifying what is part of MegaFiers easier.
    PageMesh automatically adds 3 materials on creation. First will be front of page, second is back and thrid is page edge if the page has a height.
    Updating the PageMesh no longer needs a GrabVerts change in ModifyObject, all handled automatically. All changes to the mesh work right away with MegaFiers.
    Added a Page Mesh object to make double sided pages. The mesh can have a height but this will get flattened in the page turn modifier. I will be improving the page turn modifier. You can find the Page Mesh in the Mega Shapes menu.
    Added a FlipX param to the page flip mod, fixes a problem when when meshes are orietated the wrong way, if you cant get a true page turn try turning this on. It should be on for Page Mesh meshes.
    Displace wasnt appearing in modifier list in the components menu
    Added a popup in the inspector for Morph Anim to make it easier to select channels.
    Note there is a bug in the Unity animation system that doesnt allow more than one of the same component to be animated
    Morph Anim works in editor mode now.
    Added various shapes to the spline system to make making paths a little easier. Shapes are Circle, Arc, Helix, Rectangle, Ellipse, NGon, Star.
    Added a window for the shapes.
    Shapes can be added from the GameObject menu now.
    More improvements to the GUI systems.
    Spline creates a circle to start with and has a radius button. Add and delete knots works better.
    Didn’t quite get the scaling bug fixed, thanks to p6r its sorted now.
    Fixed some gui items not having immediate effect
    Added PathDeform modifier
    Added MegaShape spline editor to create paths for Path Deform modifier
    Fixed bug in morph mapping that meant scaled obj files weren’t detected correctly.
    Commom params for modifiers grouped into a foldout and laid out better
    Sort button removed as will automatically sort on changing an order value
    Mapping or morph verts will find correct obj in file with more than one obj file in it
    Added a MorphAnim script, Unity Animation system doesnt pick up values in arrays etc, so to be able to make use of the animation system drop a MoprhAnim script on the morph object, set the name of the channel to one in the morph object then you can use the Percent value in the Anim script to set the morph amount.
    Added auto detection of import params for obj files when adding mapping to a morph
    Fixed slow loading on some obj files.
    Deleted modifiers correctly removed from internal list
    Fixed bug that stopped a morphed mesh with further modifiers applied from being deformed.
    Fixed bug with FFD mods where deformations wern’t happening until a reset was applied.
    Added import settings for obj files as some packages export with a different up axis and handiness.
    Added a progress bar to show mapping progress on very detailed meshes.
    Note, obj files with /r line endings as opposed to /n/r parse very slowly due to a Mono bug, if you are going to do a lot of work with obj files and loading the targets or mapping is taking many seconds try converting the line endings.
    Fixed bug reading obj files from different packages.
    Shows memory usage for morph
    Added common modifier params to morph gui
    Loading targets to an empty channel will set the channel name to the filename of the targets
    Error boxes shown for mapping or target import issues.
    Added limits to a morph channel so you can use only part of a morph or reverse a morph etc.
    Fixed bug with a single target morph channel.
    Added morph modifier.
    Added a PivotAdjust modifier, allows you to reposition the pivot, and or rotate/scale the mesh to get a new starting mesh.
    Added gizmos to show gizmo offset and position details.
    Changing a warp source on a WarpBind modifier now works properly.
    Tidied up the UVAdjust mod, uses gizmo values and Offset now instead of duplicating params;
    Added gizmo display for UVAdjust
    Added wip page flip modifier
    Added UV Adjust modifier
    Added UV Tile/Animate modifier
    Added Space Warp support
    Added Bend warp modifier
    Added Noise Warp modifier
    Added Ripple Warp modifier
    Added Skew Warp modifier
    Added Stretch Warp Modifier
    Added Taper Warp modifier
    Added Twist Warp modifier
    Added Wave Warp modifier
    Added colors to gizmo display
    Region gizmos positioned correctly now.
    Instancing bug fixed. You will get an error about leaked meshes in edit mode, currently not a lot can be done about this, ezgui, ragespline etc have the same message.
    Hid some params from the animator.
    Added support for uv modifiers.
    Added gizmo icons for scripts.
    Added help images to each script.
    Added editor scripts and gizmo to move offset.
    Added falloff to Spherify modifier.
    Added Bulge modifier, works like Spherify but per axis.
    Added Cylindrify modifier.
    Added context functions to reset/center Offsets and gizmo positions and rotations. (Right click script bar)
    Fixed chance of gizmo orientation being wrong when modifiers attached to parent of mesh object.
    Changed how system works so everything works seamlessly in edit mode or when scene is running.
    Fixed bug in FFD
    Added new test scene
    Ripple gizmo shows correct rotation now
    Wave gizmo shows correct rotation now
    Added DoRegion gizmo to bend
    Added a better example scene
    Started in Editor support for mesh modification
    Added speed param to ripple
    Added speed param to wave
    Fixed bug where multiple Modifiers classes were being added to copied objects.