Pivot Adjust

You can use this simple modifier to alter the pivot position of a mesh and or change its orientation so for example you have a cube but you dont want to rotate it around its center but instead a corner then you change the Offset value until the mesh is positioned how you want it. You can also the Gizmo Rot and Gizmo Scale values to re orientate the mesh or change its size.

Pivot Adjust Param Description

This modifier has no params for itself but instead makes use of the Common mod params.


Changes the origin position of the mesh. As you change this you will see the mesh reposition itself.

Gizmo Rot

Changes the orientation of the mesh so if you had an arrow mesh and it was pointing up and you wanted it to point to right then you can set the z value to 90.

Gizmo Scale

Use this to change the scaling in each axis of the mesh.

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