UV Adjust

This is a quick general purpose UV modifier, you can change the uv offset, tiling amount and rotation of uvs. This will be improved in later versions to work on submeshes and other features. Use the Gizmo Pos, Rot and Scale values along with the values shown below to alter the UVs on the mesh.

UV Adjust Param Description


Use speed values to alter uv coords.

Rot Speed

How fast uv will rotate when animate is on.


How fast uvs will translate when animate is on.


Amount of spiral to add to the uv rotate.

Spiral Lim

Angular limit of spiral when Animate is on.

UVAdjust Class

public class MegaUVAdjust : MegaModifier
    public bool      animate;
    public float     rotspeed;
    public float     spiralspeed;
    public Vector3   speed;
    public float     spiral;
    public float     spirallim;

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