Customer Comments

Some of the reviews and comments left on the Asset Store by users of MegaFiers.

Absolutely great

It’s thanks to people like you who put in the great effort to provide assets like this that speed up the development time for our games. It’s just a superb product that you’ve developed here and well worth the money. The well documented website and plethora of tutorial videos makes it easy to figure out what we want to do. And so far all I’ve played with is the page flip and bend modifiers, I can’t wait to see what else is in store for me to ‘Spice’ up my game. Thank you very much.

MegaFiers is a well polished gem

As far as I’m concerned this is a required asset period. The amount of tools, their usefulness, polish and timely updates are worth the price.

Nothing gets ‘lost in translation’

This package is one of the most useful I have found in the entire asset store. With it, what I see in 3DSMax is what I see I see in Unity. As a Di-O-Matic user I found the built in integration to be a lifesaver!!! No more crazy workarounds to make it all come together. Thanks so much for the great tool and keep up the amazing work!!

Flipping Awesome

This ever expanding collection of modifiers is just brilliant and the support is quick and extremely helpful. 5 Starts Chris.

Excellent Product

Extremely capable package with continuous updates. Bug fixes are timely and new functionality is added frequently.

Follow the positive feedbacks!

More than once I have been no exception to the developer’s great support. The positive comments are all true and I’m sure they emerge from a big diversity of solved problems. Problems, resulting from the multiform use, which this tool is able to offer.

Very good package, excellent support

If you want morph skinned meshes, this is what you need. The developer is extremely responsive and helpful.

If you’re looking at this, you probably need this

Worked great for enabling morphs target character customization and other expressions, plus the developers were really helpful as well when contacted for support (both before when inquiring about the product and after purchasing it). This product helped me overcome a serious hurdle which I thought Unity could not beat on its own.

Great product, great support

Not much more to say. I have been using Dynamic Ripple effect to simulate interactive water. I had a problem getting the axis right an my question was fixed by support the same day.

Great Product Gret Support

Very cool product. This definitely needed to be made for Unity. Thank you for making it! Thanks for helping me set up a pipeline for Max user’s and answering all of my emails promptly. Amazing customer service. I look forward to the Mac Maya plugin release and exploring all of the features inside Unity.

Great Product and easy to use!

Great product and easy to use. The forum post is always up to date, and any issues that arise (few and far between) are responded to within the day. Very happy with this product and would suggest to even the newbiest of newbs.

iPad Compatible

A quick test shows iPad compatible. Runs fine of iPad and iPhone 4.

Essential product

Very impressed with this product. Developers that want tools that allow them to have full animation control over their characters in Unity have to get this. It should be built into Unity as it’s so essential. The seller is very helpful and offers support if you contact him.

Great Package

This package should exist in every install of Unity. Great product with even greater value!

Another Essential Addon for Unity!

Very quick and easy to use. Developer responds awesomely to queries. Performance is great and it really opens up animation possibilities in Unity. This is something that should be there all along.
Other morph system addons I’ve tried seemed rudimentary and incomplete compared to this. Megafiers is totally worth the price.
I liked it so much I created a Lightwave script to assist bringing LW morphs into MegaFiers

Great package

This is the best package on the AssetStore, a must have!


Its a beautiful thing which has ensured that my decade-long quest to find a suitable environment for developing realtime visuals is over. And it keeps getting better, regularly giving me something to look forward to.

Awesome tools

Awesome tools, just having them makes you feel good!


One of the greatest packages I know. Brings Unity to a new level. Always a pleasure to work with deforming features in realtime. In my opinion Unity should integrate the capabilities of Mega-Fiers right into the Game-Engine (and pay Chris for his great work)


One of the best add ons to Unity3D!!!

Fantastic product & Support

I just want to say that this is a fantastic product, and they have really good support. This is made by a developer with passion! As said before, it is worth every penny! Instant buy!

Fantastic wizard of modifiers

We were after a specific feature to apply to meshes in our game, on mentioning what we re after to Chris in a presales email he promptly implemented it and made it easier than we anticipated to get the effect wanted.

Yeah !!!!

The product is worth every penny and the customer support is stellar !!! I requested a little feature and it got implemented within 24 hrs … mucho respect to Chris !

Why didn’t I get this before

I bought this with a blind eye.. I hated it for the first 5 minutes, but right after I got the hang of it I was amazed.
Great work.

Awesome plugin STELLAR SUPPORT

The plugin is worth 2X this amount. Fantastic support and a series of great video tutorials. Get it now!

Best asset on the Unity Store

This by far the best asset we’ve purchased on the asset store. Support is simply amazing and the speed at which new features are being developed is stunning. Highly recommended.

Simply The Best

This hands down the best plugin I have purchased.
The author makes constant updates to the plugin and answers questions on the forum and by email.

The Holy Grail

I couldn’t think of anything witty for the title so just went with that > < but this package is pretty amazing so far, the way the developer handles any inquiries given to him the same day and usually within the same hour if its a reasonable time is quite amazing. Usually fix's your problem or is fixing it already by the time you email him. Friendly person, great customer service and above all else this opens up so many opportunities unity has needed I give it 5 stars.


Sure, the extension is great, but the customer service is even better. I had a small issue, posted a question on the forum, and within about 10 minutes, I had a quality answer that solved my problem. Great stuff!


Chris continues to deliver stellar quality, very fast, very interactive.
Frequently updated with new features. The asset store can’t keep up with the good stuff Chris keeps stuffing our stockings. Support is fantastic. All around a superb production.
Highly recommended. You will not regret purchasing.

Great stuff!!

I first gave ***, but in a few days Chris (the developer) fixed my problems (about assets structure and docs.. and he’s also improving the page turn modifier… the package is still a bit difficult to master 100% because is quite complex.. but the developer is so active that… 5 stars!


This is a finely produced tool set. the recent addition of full blendshape/shapekey/vertex-animation support, its a steal. The recent addition of Path-Deform of a mesh is another invaluable tool. The developer (so far) is VERY fast at releasing fixes and updates. Can’t recommend more!


A must-have plugin!
So easy to use… With a lot of parameters you can deform your models or primitives to create an infinite number of other models for your games, without leaving Unity3D!
Great support too!


This is one of the best products, and written by a quality developer. Thanks Chris for the excellent service and product.