MegaFlier Demo

The MegaFlier Demo, click the image below to launch, Press H for help. Press Tab to lock the cursor so you can control the cameras, F1 to F4 changes the camera mode and cursor keys change the camera targets and the mouse will rotate the view in most modes. There isn’t much to do but look but it was a quick demo and is meant as a teaching aid not a full game demo. You will need a good system to run this with preferably Shader 3.0 support, it uses a few post process image effects and the particle system is quite hefty, so be warned.

The lighting in the demo is using the new Light Probe lighting with HDR and Tone mapping, and all the smoke trails etc are done with the new Shuriken particle system. The camera system is a custom system which allows for various transition modes, multiple targets and different styles of cameras. The demo currently has no MegaFier deformations as it meant as a blank canvas to be used to show what each modifier can do in turn in a series of video tutorials.

Click Image to launch demo

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