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Multi Material Layer
We have all seen game with beautiful rolling backgrounds, now you can have them too!

Making a racing game? Then no problem with Mega-Shapes. Draw a path for the road, draw a cross section and then loft a road. Want more detail? Then Loft a barrier and it will automatically conform to the road surface. Slide the barriers in or out, scale them, twist them, you imagination is the only limitation.

Want more? Then use the powerful rail clone feature to repeat and position sets of objects along your road, fences, power-lines, trees whatever you like.

Still not enough? For those that want even more Mega-Shapes gives you a scatter system that will take any objects you choose and scatter them along your road and have them automatically conform to the existing meshes surface. And if that doesn’t suit your needs you can now have your lofts carved into your terrains for a perfect blend from your loft to your game terrain.

Also included is a complete spline editor and spline to mesh system along with controllers to move objects along your splines and levels. With Mega-Shapes you can create beautiful levels quickly and easily. Also you can use MegaShapes as the basis for your procedurally generated levels, either build your splines from scratch via code or quickly build levels at runtime.

The all new MegaShapes system is a greatly improved and enhanced version of the simple Shapes system that is included free in the MegaFiers system. The new system has all the basic spline editing and spline to mesh systems of the previous version but has been extended by the inclusion of an advanced Lofting system. The lofter in MegaShapes allows you to use shapes as paths and then create a mesh by lofting a cross section along that path. You can choose between the simple lofter that uses on cross section or the more advanced complex lofter that allows you to use any number of cross sections to build the mesh. Once you have created your loft surfaces you can make use of the Loft Layer system to add more detail to your meshes.
The layer system allows you combine any number of meshes into the final mesh. The layers currently included in the system are:

Complex Loft
Clone Simple
Clone Spline
Clone Spline Simple
Scatter Simple
Scatter Spline
Clone Rules
Clone Rules Spline
Multi Material
Multi Material Complex

Features of the MegaShapes system

Works on all Platforms and devices supported by Unity as well as Unity Free
Full 3D Bezier spline system.
Base set of shapes such as circle, star etc included.
Complete spline editor system.
Controllers for moving objects along splines.
Controllers for moving objects over loft surfaces.
Exporter for 3DS Max to export shapes as well as animated shapes from Max to Unity.
Spline exporter for Maya.
Spline exporter for Blender.
Spline to mesh system, turn any shape into a Mesh and extrude it.
Complete control over UV mapping of generated meshes.
Collider support for all generated meshes.
Basic 3D Lofter.
Advanced 3D Lofter.
Layer based cloning and scatter system.
Automatic mapping of objects to generated surfaces.
Dynamcic Hoses System
Tracked Vehicles
Rope and Chain System

Getting started

To start using the new Loft Object you just need to go to the Game Object menu then the MegaShapes sub menu and pick Loft. This will create a new object in the scene and automatically add the required components for you. Then you can start adding layers to the object to build your mesh. Clicking the Add Layer button will bring up a window where you can choose the type of layer to add and then set some params for that layer type, you don’t need to set the params now if you don’t want to. On clicking create you will see the inspector for the new layer appear below the Loft Object, you can now start building your loft object. You can find out more on the Loft Object component and its options on the Loft Object help page


If you have 3DS Max, Maya or Blender and want to get your shapes and animated shapes into Unity then please contact us for the exporter. Just email us the invoice number for your purchase of MegaShapes along with the version of Max, Maya or Blender you use and whether it is the 64 or 32 bit version and we will send you the exporter.

How do I get MegaShapes

You can get the system from our store now just click the image below or click Store on the side menu. The price is currently reduced by $50 for early adopters, the price will return to its full price when more of the planned functionality is added.

Other Features

MegaShapes is constantly being updated and extended and other systems that have been added since first release are the Rope and Chain system, fully dynamic hoses so you can connect any two objects with dynamic procedural hoses, great for robots. Also added is a system to create tracked vehicles. On top of that we will release controllers that allow you to use your game objects with the shapes, new layers and surfaces, and a few more systems we are just starting on so keep checking back for news on what is being worked on. A demo of the rope and chain system can be tried by clicking the image below.

Runtime Loft Editing Demo

This video shows a MegaShapes Loft being used in a game to make a track that can be edited at runtime.

Race Track Created from a single Loft

The race track in this video is created from one single loft and two splines.
Multi Layer Video

Terrain Carving

This video shows the race track loft being craved into an existing terrain for a perfect blend between the two.
Terrain Carve

Video of the demo scene

This is a video of part of the demo scene included in the MegaShapes package, everything in the scene is procedurally generated by MegaShapes.

Introduction to Loft Layers

Video showing some of the features of the simple loft layer.

Rule Based Cloning

Video of just one of the layers available in the MegaShapes Loft Layer system, this is the rule based cloning on to a lofted surface.

Complex Loft

The Complex Loft Layer.

Video showing export of shape from Max & Animation

Tracked Vehicle System

Dynamic Hose System

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