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The Terrain plugin is available for following versions of 3DS Max. Please note you require an internet connection for this plugin to work as it streams the data it needs directly from the internet.

*- Please note if you use the Max 2015 to 2024 versions of the plugin you will need to make sure you have the latest Visual Studio runtimes installed, they can be found Here

You are buying a single seat license to use the plugin, you will get all versions of the plugin and you will be emailed a license key which you will asked for when you first run the plugin. You can only use the license on one machine and it can not be transferred. The key will activate all versions of the plugin on a single machine if you happen to need multiple versions on a single machine. When updates become available you can enter your email address below that was used to make the purchase to get access to the updated versions.
If you are buying multiple licenses please contact us for further license keys. A site license is available please contact us for details. We also have available render farm versions, again please contact us for more details.

License keys are tied to the hardware they are validated on, we can transfer the license for free up to three times, after that license transfers will cost $10. Transfers can be ordered Here.

You will be asked to agree to the Terrain Plugin License before you make a purchase, please read it carefully before agreeing to purchase the plugin.

If you live in a country where you can not use PayPal then please select the 2Checkout as the payment method.

Demo version of the Terrain Plugin

You can Download a trail version of the plugin Here, its functionality has been limited to a region covered by 4 DEM tiles around Mount Etna on Sicily. If you have tried the demo version and got no height data please download again as this has been fixed.


If you are using GE 7 and the Grab texture does not do anything then it is because GE 7 does not install the correct registry keys, if you uninstall and install GE 6 from Google that will correct the registry settings. You can then install GE 7 again if you want to.


When you have downloaded the plugin you will have a Rar file which contains all version of the plugin both 32 and 64 bit. Extract the version you need to your plugin folder of your 3DS Max install directory. Also extract the EGM180.DAT and TerrainLink.exe files to the same folder. That is it just start up Max and off you go.


You will need a working internet connection to activate the product after purchase on the machine the plugin will be installed on.

3DS Max Terrain Plugin
Price: $199

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