A new modifier just added to the MegaFiers system, this allows you to quickly and easily animate waving objects such as flags, plants, ribbons etc. The effect of the wave will get greater the further away from the modifier center it gets, you have control over the wavelength, amplitude and phase of the wave, as well as being able to easily animate the effect. Note you can use the Gizmo Rot and Position values to change the how the waving deforms your mesh, so it the pivot is not in the right place adjust the Gizmo Position value, and if the mesh waves in the wrong direction then try changing the Gizmo Rot values to align it how you need it.

This modifier is in beta so could have some further params added.

Waving Params


Amplitude of the wave.


Specifies the distance in current units between the crests of both waves.


Shifts the wave pattern over the object. Positive numbers move the pattern in one direction, while negative numbers move it in the other. This effect is especially clear when animated.


Limits the effect of the wave generated from its origin. A decay value decreases the amplitude at increasing distance from the center. A negative decay value can be used to amplify the effect.


Animate the wave.


The speed of the wave animation, can be negative to play the wave in the other direction.


The axis along which the wave will happen.