World Path Deform

The WorldPathDeform modifier deforms an object using a spline as a path. You can move and stretch the object along the path, and rotate and twist it about the path. The usual gizmo and offset values can also be used to alter the look of the deformation. You can also opt to to describe the amount of stretch and twist via curves so the amount can vary along the length of a path.

This version of the modifier will move the mesh to the path, for a local space version look at the Path Deform version which will instead move the path to the mesh local space.

World Path Deform Param Description


Moves the object along the path based on a percentage of the path length.


Scales the object along the path, using the object’s pivot point as the base of the scale.


Twists the object about the path. The twist angle is based on the rotation of one end of the overall length of the path. Typically, the deformed object takes up only a portion of the path, so the effect can be subtle.


Rotates the object about the path.


Changes the alignment of the path to local axis of the object


Reverses the direction


Path to deform along, must be a MegaShape object in the scene


Automatically move the object along the path.


Speed to move the object


How far to look ahead to get the direction of the path

Use Twist Curve

Use twist curve for amount fo twist along path

Twist Curve

Twist Curve

Use Stretch Curve

Use stretch curve for amount of stretch along curve

Stretch Curve

Stretch Curve

WorldPathDeform Class

public class MegaWorldPathDeform : MegaModifier
    public float            percent;
    public float            stretch;
    public float            twist;
    public float            rotate;
    public MegaAxis         axis;
    public bool             flip;
    public MegaShape        path;
    public bool             animate;
    public float            speed;
    public float            tangent;
    public bool             UseTwistCurve;
    public AnimationCurve   twistCurve;
    public bool             UseStretchCurve;
    public AnimationCurve   stretchCurve;    

Video Guide to Path Deform

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