MegaWires Connection Helper

Connection Helper
The poles that come with MegaWires have their wire connection points already defined, but if you would like to use your own poles or wire holders then you can use this helper component to define the connection points and wire radius locations on your object, you can then save that as a prefab and use it with the Pole Planter system for quickly defining you wiring. You just need to click the Add Wire button for a connection point to be added, you can then use the position handle to locate the point on your object where you want the wire to attach. There are connection points for wires coming into the object and for where they leave the object, if they are the same point then just set the values to the same. The radius value will tell the system how thick the wire that uses that point should be. You can override this value later one if you need to.

Connection Helper

Connection Helper Params

Show Connections

Show the coonections point on the object, this will also enable the positioning handles so you can more easily position the locations.

Add Wire

Click this button to add a new wire connection point to the object.


The thickness of the wire that will connect this point.

Out Offset

The location of the connection point where the wire leaves the object.

In Offset

The location of the connection point where the wire enters the object.


Delete the connection from the object.

Connection Helper Video

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