Carpet & Scroll


This page is still being written

This will show you how to roll up a mesh and then use the Scroll.cs helper script to make a dynamic scroll system.

Rolling up a carpet

Making a Scroll

This is a simple script that you can add to a gameobject that already has two bends applied that have been setup to roll the mesh from each end as shown above, the pos param will then control what part of the scroll is unrolled with the gap value giving the distance between the two ends.



How far along the scroll we want to display, 0 is fully rolled up unread scroll, 100 is fully rolled up read scroll.


The distance between the two rolls.


using UnityEngine;

public class Scroll : MonoBehaviour
    public float pos = 0.0f;
    public float gap = 0.5f;

    public Vector3  wpos;

    MegaBend[]  bends;

    void Update()
        if ( bends == null )
            bends = GetComponents<MegaBend>();

        bends[1].gizmoPos.x = pos - gap;
        bends[0].gizmoPos.x = pos + gap;

        Vector3 p = transform.position;

        p.x = wpos.x + pos;
        transform.position = p;

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