Rope 2D Deform

This applies 2D rope type physics to a mesh. The modifier will build a system of masses to form a rope type structure with options for extra stiffness constraints. Then a custom 2d physics system will simulate the rope behavior and the mass positions will be used to update a mesh so allowing for cloth like behavior suitable for objects such as ropes, banners, or rope bridges. This modifier is a beta mod so is subject to a little change and improvement.

Rope Deform Param Description


Click this if a fundamental change to the system hasnt been recognised.

Floor Off

Not currently used.

Num Masses

How many masses to use in the system. The more used the finer the end result but more CPU power used, again use the lowest value that gives you the results you need.


Mass of the system, each mass in the physics will be this divided by the Num Masses.


Axis which to deform the mesh on.

Stiffness Crv

Adjust the stiffness of the system along the length.

Stiff Spring

Stiffness spring rate.

Stiff Damp

Stiffness damp rate


Spring rate


Damping rate


Offset of springs in the mesh, used to adjust the floor of say a rope bridge to match the physics masses and links.

Spring Compress

Add some pre compression to the system

Bend Springs

Add bend spring constraints to the system.


Add length constraints to the system

Damping Ratio

Damping ratio for the system, use this instead of damp value.


Left object transform to constrain system to


Right object transform to constrain system to


Simulate a weight on the system of this mass at the position described below

Weight Pos

Position of weight across the system

Physics Params

Time Step

Physics update rate, the lower the value the more detailed the physics will be but more CPU power used, find the highest value at which the system perfroms nicely.


Value for Gravity

Air Drag

How much air resistance to movement there is


General friction in the system, damping force really.


How many steps to use to solve the constraints, again keep this value at the lowest needed for a nice result. Higher numbers lead to a stiffer system.


Which method of integration to use, Verlet is probably the best place to start, if you choose another integrator then you may need to adjust your params. Integrators available:

    Euler – Euler integration, fast and accurate but can be unstable.
    Verlet – Verlet integration, fast and stable.
    VerletTC – Verlet time corrected integration, fast and stable should be more accurate than Verlet.
    MidPoint – Midpoint integration.

Apply Constraints

Toggle constraints being applied.

Debug Info

Display Debug

Show debug info

Draw Steps

How many steps to use in the debug display lines

Box Size

Size of mass boxes in the debug

Rope Deform Class

public class MegaRopeDeform : MegaModifier
    public float            floorOff;
    public int              NumMasses;
    public MegaSoft2D       soft;
    public float            timeStep;
    public float            Mass;
    public MegaAxis         axis;
    public AnimationCurve   stiffnessCrv;
    public float            stiffspring;
    public float            stiffdamp;
    public float            spring;
    public float            damp;
    public float            off;
    public bool             init;
    public float            SpringCompress;
    public bool             BendSprings;
    public bool             Constraints;
    public float            DampingRatio;
    public bool             DisplayDebug;
    public int              drawsteps;
    public float            boxsize;
    public Transform        left;
    public Transform        right;
    public float            weight;
    public float            weightPos;

Video of Rope 2D Deform

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