Ripple Warp

The Ripple warp creates a region in world space where any mesh bound to the warp will ripple as it gets closer. The distance the ripple will start depends on the decay value on the Warp and the Warp Bind which allows different objects to react differently to the warp. The Ripple warp can also be used to apply a ripple to a group of objects.

Ripple Warp Param description

Amp/ Amp 2

Amplitude 1 produces a ripple across the object in one direction, while Amplitude 2 creates a similar ripple at right angles to the first (that is, rotated 90 degrees about the vertical axis).


Specifies the distance between the peaks of the wave. The greater the length, the smoother and more shallow the ripple for a given amplitude.


Shifts the ripple pattern over the object. Positive numbers move the pattern inward, while negative numbers move it outward. This effect becomes especially clear when animated.


Limits the effect of the wave generated from its center. The value of 0.0 means that the wave will generate infinitely from its center. Increasing the Decay value causes the wave amplitudes to decrease with distance from the center, thus limiting the distance over which the waves are generated.


Animate the ripple.


Radius of the gizmo.


Number of segments in the gizmo.


Number of circles in the gizmo.

Ripple Warp Class

public class MegaRippleWarp : MegaWarp
    public float  amp;
    public float  amp2;
    public float  flex;
    public float  wave;
    public float  phase;
    public float  Decay;
    public bool   animate;

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