MegaMoo Demo

This is a quick little demo we made to show the MegaShapes loft system being used as a run time track editor. The track the cows are running on is made from a Loft with a base layer, a grass layers and two fence layers. In edit mode you can drag the spheres that represent the knots of the spline around to change the layout of the track and as you do so all the procedurally added trees and cows will automatically reposition themselves to match the new track layout.

The demo also shows the new coloring options we added which can be used to control things like texture blends along the length of the loft.

The boats in the scene use the MegaShapes Shape Follow components with a few little extra simple scripts to generate the bobbing behavior and to move boats between splines if they need to overtake a slower boat.

MegaMoo Demo

Click the image below to run the demo.

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