Version History

Release History of Terrain Plugin

    Increased the range of the Tile Grab Size param.
    Added Beta feature or being able to add your own tile data to the ‘User’ folder in off the Terrain Cache folder. This allows you to add any missing data or override the streamed DEM files with your own version or updated version.
    KML and KMZ importer has been improved, will now work correctly with single placemarks, and scaling of the resulting import will be correct.
    In previous versions KML based terrains did not zoom correctly and used a different system to build the terrains, this has now been removed so uses the same pipeline as normal terrains, so functions such as zooming work correctly on KML based terrains. NOTE this could cause exisiting KML based terrains to change size dependant on settings.
    Some of the limits on params have been raised
    Beta version of 2014 version
    A bug in the 2013 caused the config files to be saved in the wrong places, This has been fixed.
    New Licensing system which works a lot better.
    Loading a terrain back in will keep the material instead of removing it.
    Location files save and load correctly.
    KML importer added.
    Added 64 bit support.
    Added a bridge program to allow 64 bit versions of max to grab textures.
    Changes to License validation system to improve it.
    Texture grabber now works correctly in countries that use ‘,’ for decimal points.

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