The Melt modifier lets you apply a realistic melting effect to the mesh. Options include sagging of edges, spreading while melting, and a customizable set of substances ranging from a firm plastic surface to a jelly type that collapses in on itself.

Melt Param description


Specifies the extent of the “decay,” or melting effect applied to the gizmo, thus affecting the object.


Specifies how much the object and melt will spread as the Amount value increases. It’s basically a “bulge” along a flat plane.

Material Type

Type of material simulated.

    Ice – The default Solidity setting.
    Glass – Uses a high Solidity setting to simulate glass.
    Jelly – Causes a significant drooping effect in the center.
    Plastic – Relatively solid, but droops slightly in the center as it melts.
    Custom – User set value.


If material is Custom sets how solid the mesh is.


Choose the axis on which the melt will occur.

Flip Axis

Normally, the melt occurs from the positive direction toward the negative along a given axis. Turn on Flip Axis to reverse this direction.

Melt Class

public class MegaMelt : MegaModifier
    public float        Amount;
    public float        Spread;
    public MegaMeltMat  MaterialType;
    public float        Solidity;
    public MegaAxis     axis;
    public bool         FlipAxis;

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