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MegaDaz is an extension to the MegaFiers system (MegaFiers is required to be able to use this product) that allows for easy importing of Daz3D character morphs. You just need to load the original Daz base character file such as the Genesis dsf file, then after that all you need to do is select the folder with the morph files in and then pick and choose which morphs you want to use with your game character. You can easily update your selection or add new morphs as you purchase them from the Daz store. The system also works just as well with decimated Daz characters.

Please note MegaDaz is sold under the same license as the Unity Asset Store EULA which you will be asked to agree to before purchase.

If you live in a country where you can not use PayPal then please select the 2Checkout option as the payment method.

MegaDaz Single Seat License
Price: $30

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