This modifier is in beta and is still being developed as is this page

This modifier can be used to squeeze a mesh, you can choose to squeeze in two ways, radially or along a local axis. This is a work in progress so the overall effect could change slightly.

Param Description


Amount to squeeze on the local vertical access.


Amplify or reduce the effect.

Radial Amount

Amount to squeeze radial around the local vertical access.

Radial Crv

Amplify or reduce the effect.

Do Region

Limit the squeeze effect to a region of the mesh.


Lower limit of the effect.


Upper region of the effect.


public class MegaSqueeze : MegaModifier
    public float            amount;
    public float            crv;
    public float            radialamount;
    public float            radialcrv;
    public bool             doRegion;
    public float            to;
    public float            from;

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