MegaShapes Customer Comments

Some of the reviews and comments left on the Asset Store by users of MegaShapes.


MegaShapes is awesome. It’s easily the best spline-based mesh generation system available for Unity. There are so many options and ways of tweaking things I’m still learning how to use it all. You get so much control over UV’s, how many vertices, how many different meshes are generated from a given spline, and the really easy part is being able to draw the splines in the editor and move them around with realtime updates. The WYSIWYG nature of it is really intuitive and powerful, and you can even use the same spline shapes as cross-sections for whatever road or tunnel or whatever you’re creating.

I doubt I’ll even get around to using all the features and controls but it is definitely a very impressive package, one of the very best on the asset store with excellent presentation and lots of videos. I was able to easily and quickly generate a 50,000+ triangle `road`/tunnel, texture it, move along it, and get it running on Ouya at 60fps. Impressive! I’m now building a game around this tool because it handles so much of the tech for you, saving so much time with complicated programming. It even creates mesh colliders for you which maks things really easy for using physics with it.


Bought this the other day to create a race track with jumps. Created track with fences in less than half an hour. The option to add objects to your loft and move them around while they stick to the loft is a real time saver. Nice One!

Looks and works great with amazing support!!

Great looking asset and performs well on Android Nexus 7

Great!! Recommend for Mobile as well

This is perfect for mobile as well. Thanks!


It adds lofting to Unity, if you are familiar with 3d modelling then you know how powerful lofting can be!
This particular lofting system is beyond perfect. Its lightweight, can be optimized right in the editor, and has twice the amount of options imaginable. And it can be just as simple as you would hope: supply a path and a cross section, then generate!
I must mention the customer support. I’ve emailed Chris a few times now and he always replies immediately with clear answers and relevant links. Very professional.


This tool is a well thought-out loft system for little money. It’s not only really useful for racing tracks but also for certain kinds of 2D-Terrain, curved walls, … Changing the path will instantly affect the loft – also at runtime. If it’s not needed to change the loft at runtime you can prevent it from updating all the time, that’s good if you’re targeting mobile platforms. Additionally you have a very good control over the vertex count of the generated mesh.

Great Tool

Tool works well and sped up my developing process

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