Morph Animate

Morph Animate is a helper script that allows you to use the Unity Animation system to drive the morph channel percents. This is needed because Unity doesn’t currently expose arrays of values to the Animator system, so by adding this component to an object that has a Morph attached allows you to select a channel and then drive that channels percent with an Animation curve.

To use the system you just need to add this component to the object that has the Morph component attached. When you first add it you will only see the first Source Channel and Percent params, you then click the Source Channel param and select from the list the channel you want to animate. When you click you will see a new empty slot has been added so you can continue to add more animated channels. If you now slide the Percent value you will see the morph change as expected. It is this variable that you will animate using the Unity Animation window in the same way you would animate any other exposed parameter in Unity.

Morph Animate Param Description


Changing this Percent value will change the percent value on the morph channel chosen below. This is the variable you animate in the Unity Animation window.


Allows you to pick a channel from the morph component to animate.

The values are repeated 10 times in the class with the digits 1-9 being appended to each variable allowing 10 channels of morphs to be animated. if 10 channels of animation is not enough for your needs then the script can be easily extended to accomodate any number of channels.

Moprh Anim Class

public class MegaMorphAnim : MonoBehaviour
    public float    Percent;
    MegaMorphChan   channel;

    public float    Percent1;
    MegaMorphChan   channel1;

Video Showing how to setup a morph animation