Tank Tracks

The Tank Track system is a helper system that will use a base spline and position a selected Link object round that spline to allow easy generation of treads for tracked vehicles, you can control the size of the tread and even use animated splines, and the system has a simple value to make the track move. Included is also a helper system so you can easily link any wheels to the track so they will move correctly as the track moves.

Track Params


The Shape the tank track will be built on.

Link Object

The object to use as the links for the tread.


Starting position along the spline for the first link, this value can also be used to animate the tread.

Link Off Start

Use this value to change the pivot location for the start of the link.

Link Off End

Use this value to change the pivot location for the end of the link.

Link Pivot

The point about which the pivot will rotate this can normally be left as zero so the rotation will happen around the start point.


If the link object is not in the correct orientation you can rotate it fit using this value.


You can easily change the scale of the link in any axis to get the look you want.

Link Size

This is a quick scale value that will scale the entire link.

Track Up

Depending on your orientation of your track spline you may get some twisting of the track objects, if so change this Up axis to remove that.


Clicking this will mean the Start value will be updated by the speed value below automatically, so you can just set a speed to make it move or set 0 to stop it.


The speed at which to move the tank track.

Do LateUpdate

If the spline you are using is animating you may need to update the track in the late update part of the pipeline so it does not lag a frame behind, check this if you see any lag.

Invisible Update

If this is unchecked the objects will not be updated if they are not seen by the camera.

Display Spline

Show the spline being used for the treads.

Track Wheel

The track wheel script is a simple helper that allows you to link wheel rotation to the movement of the track, you just need to define an axis and the radius of the wheel and point it at the track you want to control the wheel and it will automatically sync its movement to the track.


The radius of the wheel, a helper will appear so you can easily match the radius.


The track component that is to control this wheel.


You can add an offset to the angle in case you need to have wheels line up etc


The axis of rotation for the wheel.

Track Example Video