The Wave modifier produces a wave effect in an object’s geometry. You can use either of two waves, or combine them. Wave uses a standard gizmo and center, which you can transform to increase the possible wave effects.

Wave Param description

Amp/Amp 2

Amplitude 1 produces a sine wave along the gizmo’s Y axis, while Amplitude 2 creates a wave along the X axis (although peaks and troughs appear in the same direction with both). Switching a value from positive to negative reverses the positions of peaks and troughs.


Specifies the distance in current units between the crests of both waves.


Shifts the wave pattern over the object. Positive numbers move the pattern in one direction, while negative numbers move it in the other. This effect is especially clear when animated.


Limits the effect of the wave generated from its origin. A decay value decreases the amplitude at increasing distance from the center. As this value increases, the wave is concentrated at the center and flattened until it disappears (completely decays).


Direction of wave.


Animate the wave.


Number of divisions in the gizmo.


Number of segements in the gizmo.


Number of sides in the gizmo.

Wave Class

public class MegaWave : MegaModifier
    public float    amp;
    public float    amp2;
    public float    flex;
    public float    wave;
    public float    phase;
    public float    Decay;
    public float    dir;
    public bool     animate;

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