MegaCache Object Ref

The OJB Ref system allows you to make use of the object cache data that is already being used by a Cache object in the scene, this allows to to have multiple copies of the animated mesh all with different playback options and current frames but without any of the extra memory overhead of storing the cache data for each image, this helps make the Cache system much more useable in your game projects as you could have say one building collapsing or levelling up animation but use it dozens of times in your scene with no extra memory use.

How to use

Using this system is very easy, just got to the GameObject/Create Other/MegaCache menu and select OBJ Ref, this will create a new gameobject in the scene with all the components required attached, you just then need to click the source value in the inspector and select the MegaCache Object in the scene that has the cache data you wish to use, once selected you will see the mesh in the scene, you can then use the frame slider or animation controls to play back that sequence independently of the original MegaCache object.

Object Ref

Object Ref Params


Select the object that already has the cache data you wish to use with this object.


The current frame number of the sequence, if the Animate option is off then you can scrub this value to playback the sequence.


If you want your sequence to animate in play mode check this box, the system will then update the frame number for you based on the time and fps settings and will loop the animation using the value set in the loop mode below.


The current time of the animation playback, if Animation is on you can scrub this value to playback the animation.


The fps for the sequence, you should set this to the same value as the 3d editor you exported your sequence from to get the correct length of the animation playback


You can alter the speed of the animation playback by changing this value.

Loop Mode

You can select the loop mode for the animation from loop, ping pong or clamp.